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Unboxing Post: Memebox Superbox #76 - While You Were Sleeping

Say goodnight to all your imperfections with this luxurious While You Were Sleeping Box! This night care recovery box bursts with skin, body and hair miracle-workers that combat all signs of aging for a younger, brighter, more beautiful you. As aging and hormonal changes weaken skin, body, and hair at their structural levels, even a full night's sleep can't provide optimal recovery, giving you a less than perfect look.  
Don't fret because this ultimate beauty box will regenerate, repair, and replenish your beauty - all while you sleep! Skin will look younger and re-plumped and hair would be silkier and shinier - more beautiful than the day before! 
I purchased this box prior to the delivery of my Memebox Princess Edition # 2: Sleeping Beauty. When the latter came, I was disappointed because it didn't meet my expectations. And here comes another night repair box, which I hoped won't turn out as bad as the Sleeping Beauty Box. 

When I opened the box, I saw these:

I felt relieved! This box looked great at first glance!

Let's take a look at the products one by one.

I have arranged the products according to my preferences:

Grinif Queen of Rose Water Eye Cream 30ml $50

A moisturizing Rose Water Eye Cream formulated with rose water, collagen, peptide, macadamia seed oil, witch hazel extracts, and various amino acids for delivering deep nutrition, intensive wrinkle care, and tone balancing effect. It works to fill in the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, leaving a much softer, firmer skin texture.  
This product is sooooo lovely and elegant. Not to mention that it is perfect for the Sleeping Beauty box! So, why in the world Memebox didn't put this in the Sleeping Beauty box?! It's just about perfect!

Since it's formulated with good stuff, e.g. collagen, rose water, and witch hazel, I'm really, really excited to try this one out real soon!

Dr. MJ Jasmine Sleeping Water Mask 75ml

Deeply moisturize, deliver rich nutrition, soothe, de-tox, and brighten up with Dr. MJ Jasmine Sleeping Water Mask. It'll reach deep into your skin for a complexion turnover, working to soften and moisturize overnight. The relaxing aroma scent also helps distress both your body and mind. 
This is something that I would really expect from a night repair box - a sleeping pack! On top of it, it promises to deliver a 'relaxing aroma', which could aid in stress relief. I think I need this more than anything else, so this goes right on to the queue of sleeping masks!

A.H.C. Whitening Special Gen Skin Care Kit [Solution 30ml, Serum 10ml, Cream 10ml] $18

This 3-step skin tone brightening medley includes a clarifying toner solution, soothing serum, and moisturizing cream, formulated with a range of ingredients that moisturize and brighten the complexion. Green tea, lavender, sage, rose hip oil, and more natural ingredients to help repair the look of fine lines, skin discolorations, and dull-looking skin. 
I've said this like a million times already, I'm not a fan of whitening products. But, if it promises brightening effects as well, I'm in! This set screams whitening all over, but based on the description, it could aid in brightening the complexion as well. So, you're not going anywhere, skin care kit! You're mine!!!

Grinif Shea Butter Multi Balm 30ml $13

A nourishing multi-balm enriched with shea butter, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. It's highly recommended to be used over dry patches on the face, lip and body, and also on damaged ends of hair as often as needed. It'll not only replenish and nourish but also create a moisture barrier for preventing future dehydration. 
 A multi-balm! It could moisturize the lip, the face and body, even the hair. It's tiny, though, but I guess it's worth a try.

Rosemine Azulene Calming Gel 75ml $29

A miraculous blue calming gel for soothing, cooling, and moisturizing red, irritated skin, dry patches, and even oily trouble skin suffering from excess blemishes. The blue formula comes from chamomile extracts, and it does not contain any artificial coloring at all.  
Uh oh. A repeat product from the Memebox Superbox #31: Herbal Cosmetics

I would have loved another product instead of this. But on second thought, this could be useful soon. After all, summer is a few months away. 

So, yeah, thanks Memebox. I have another Azulene to empty.

Mizon Olive Oil Cocoa Butter Foot Cream 80ml $9

Relieve, soften and nourish dry, cracked heels with Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream packed with rich nutrients from olive oil and cacao butter. Apply amply after buffing away dead skin cells from your feet, making sure to control the moisture balance and protecting the skin from any further damage or dehydration.  
Mizon seems like a good Korean brand, but I never had the chance to try it before. I know that this product is more like a novelty item, but since it's Mizon, I should give it a try.

  Glam Up Highly Enriched Ampoule 13ml $2

This advanced formula is a highly concentrated ampoule for nurturing healthy hair condition and growth. Doses of essential nourishment - ceramide protein, hyaluronic acid, and natural PCA moisturizers - support keratin production, which help hair appear fuller, thicker, and more lustrous. 
For some unknown reason, this tiny product amuses me. I know for a fact that Memebox has been dumping quite a lot of hair treatment products into boxes recently, but I have a feeling that I'll love this product, despite being another hair treatment product and all. Hyaluronic acid and collagen sound like a perfect combo for hair treatment. 

Just a hunch. 

Pure Smile Potion Pack Hand $5

Hands are much more vulnerable to dehydration, loss of nutrition, and aging than the face and are in great need of intensive care. The Potion Pack for hands is easy-to-wear glove-type of essence mask enriched with various nutrients such as collagen, allantoin, aloe vera gel, snail mucus, pearl powders, royal jelly, and hibiscus. 
I'm not too religious when it comes to using handpacks. In fact, I have only used one hand pack in my entire life... maybe? Probably, this will become my second. So, obviously, I'm keeping this for my next hand spa session.


I can't contain my happiness for this box. I love it! (Repeat a hundred times)

This box is packed with good beauty stuff. It sticks with the theme, which I'm extremely interested in. And, it's worth more than what I paid for!

I know it contains Azulene (a repeat product), a tiny hair ampoule, a foot cream and another single-use hand mask, but it's just fine! I mean, really, the last four products are inside the box because they are the bonus items, if you'd consider the value and quality of the other items.

The first four products, in my opinion, are just enough to blow your mind!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Memebox!


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