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Review: Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protect in 75ml

Climate Change…

Global Warming…

Sounds trouble, right? I bet you agree with me on this one.

These phenomena could potentially bring troubles to our skin, and we need extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

When I turned 25 last year, I decided to add a new skin care regimen to address this threat. I wish I had done this ages ago, but I admit I was too naïve by then, despite the constant reminder from my mom to take good care of my skin as damages cannot be easily repaired. I was extremely disobedient, and now I’m trying to catch up for what I should have done years and years ago.

What is the best sunscreen/sunblock for me?

My dear readers, I have the same concern as well, which is why, I decided to use this blog as a platform for my quest for the perfect sunscreen/sunblock, and of course other beauty products that work for us.

To start with, let me introduce you to Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protect in 75ml. Pretty lengthy name, huh?

My Nivea Sun, after a month of daily use

According to its packaging, Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protect:
  • ·         Whitens (with Active Whitening Complex)
  • ·         Protects skin from the sun (SPF30)
  • ·         Is non-sticky
  • ·         Is water-resistant
  • ·         Moisturizes
  • ·         Protects the skin’s collagen

My Experience

I have been using this product for over a couple of months now, and I could say that it is indeed non-sticky and somehow moisturizing. I couldn’t attest to the whitening effect though, because ever since I’ve been using this, I couldn’t see any changes to my skin color. You see, I also have a fine line on my arms that seem emphasize the unevenness of my skin tone, from the exposed parts of my skin to the unexposed parts. And yes, it’s still there, and it’s very evident. Then, maybe, the Active Whitening Complex may not be effective at all, or may be, I have to be extra patient and apply it on a daily basis for a couple of months more to see the results.

More info at the back of the bottle...
This product claims to be a water-resistant sunscreen. However, I don’t really mind if it’s water-resistant or not, because if I were to use a sunscreen on a beach, I would certainly opt for an SPF50 or higher. SPF30 is too low, and I wouldn’t use it on beach activities or the like, hence, there’s really no need for it to be water resistant; unless, of course, if you’re sweating profusely on a daily basis in normal circumstances, but in my case, it really doesn’t matter.

Also, if you’d be using this for the first time, don’t squeeze too much. You might end up with too much product to use on your hands. Yes, the lotion is somewhat runny. I found it a bit peculiar to use at first, but I came to appreciate it somehow. Runny somewhat translates to “blends well”.

See? Runny
What I love most about this product is that it makes me feel confident that I am protected from the sun’s harmful rays. I could tell because the heat from sun doesn’t sting anymore. Whereas, when I'm not putting any sunscreen on, I could always feel the scorching heat and my skin seems to react harshly.

Did I mention it’s really affordable? I forgot the exact price, but I figured that it’s really worth it.


If it’s for daily use, I would rate this product as 4.70 out of 5.00.

  • ·         Protects with SPF30 (good for daily use)
  • ·         Non-sticky and non-greasy
  • ·         Dries quickly
  • ·         Very affordable
  • ·         Available locally (e.g. Watsons)
  • ·         Water-resistant

  • ·         It didn’t whiten my skin at all
  • ·         The lotion is somewhat runny.

According to the sticker placed right at the opening of the bottle, Nivea is the World’s no.1 Sun Care Brand. So far and as far as I’m concerned, it delivered most of its promises, but sadly, I can’t really attest if it is indeed the best there is because I only used a handful of sunblock/sunscreens just yet.

Do you think Nivea is the World’s No.1 Sun Care? Why?

Nivea, as the world's number one sun care brand? 

Also, can you recommend a good sunblock/sunscreen?

Please post your comments below!

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