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Unboxing Post: Memebox Superbox #31 - Herbal Cosmetics + Why Buy Memebox? + Coupons

Apologies for the late unboxing post for this Memebox. 

If you missed my first Memebox unboxing post (Memebox Special #27 Diet Box), you may check it out here

Let's not wait any longer! Let the unboxing begin! 

Memebox Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics
Soothe and comfort your mind, body, and soul with our new Herbal Cosmetics Box, packed with beauty products made from organic herbs such as lavender, tea tree, chamomile, or peppermint, all highly appreciated in the beauty world for their amazing healing powers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's healing remedy with Herbal Cosmetics! 

I got this box together with the Memebox Special #27 Diet Box. Both boxes were being sold as value boxes, by which combined cost is roughly around $68 + express shipping. As for this box, I got 6 full-sized items. 

Here's a close look on the items included in the Memebox Superbox #31 - Herbal Cosmetics: 

Items are arranged according to my preferences: 

Calmia Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream 150ml ($34) 
Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream is a pudding-textured moisturizing gel which can be used as an all-in-one cosmetic for skin booster, toner, emulsion, essence and gel cream. Rooibos extracts and sparkling water deliver nutrition-rich minerals and deep hydration to your skin. Uniquely, it can be sprayed on like a mist from a distance, but when you pump it close to skin, the texture comes out like a whitish gel cream! 

I picked this one among the other products in box because it sounds so promising! I mean, I follow a strict skincare routine, which involves the following:

1) Cleanse, tone, moisturize + apply sunscreen in the morning
2) Cleanse, tone, moisturize in the evening
3) Use facial micropeeling + facial masks at thrice a week

Not to mention, the whole layering takes a big chunk of my time, but I still do it anyway. I believe that in order for my skin to age gracefully, I really have to do it, every single day. 

The Calmia Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream, on the other hand, allows you to skip the tone and moisturize part, because it claims to be a sort of "all-in-one" product. How convenient! 

I hope it works out well, because for one, I've been tardy at work for so many times because of this layering thingy, and this gel sounds like a lifesaver. I hope this wouldn't disappoint me. :) 

Calmia Herb Cleansing Oil Gel 100ml ($18)
With a nourishing blend of organic argan oil and organic complex - lavender, rosemary, chamomile, basil leaf, green tea extracts - this Herb Cleansing Oil helps maintain skin clear, soft, and comfortable. Also, it turns into milk-colored foams that won't droop like average cleansing oils when lathered with water, allowing for a thorough cleansing deep down into your pores. 

I simply love cleansers! And for the record, I have about 6 different cleansers in my drawer. No kidding! I really, really want to try them all. 

Come to think of it, I have a feeling that there would be more cleansers on my way. After all, I have five other Memeboxes! 

Let's face it, cleansing is an essential part of any lady's routine. I've said goodbye to using bath soaps as facial soaps years ago. And I've been seeing great things from the switch. 

On the other hand, this Calmia Herb Cleansing Oil Gel is definitely NOT your typical cleanser. I know I've got a lot of cleansers, but there's nothing in my drawer that's supposed to perform as this new cleanser promises. The Calmia Herb Cleansing Oil Gel is supposedly made of organic stuff, and its unique formulation sounds like a must try. Can't wait to try it out! 

Nasarang Herb BB SPF50+ PA+++ 30g ($46) 
A Blemish Balm made from various herbal and grain extracts, this is a premium BB cream for anti-wrinkle care, UV Protection, and complexion brightening. It will replenish moisture to the skin, leaving it beaming with a natural glow. Despite its skin brightening property, it can be used for almost all skin types since it doesn't necessarily whiten your skin color; it'll only smooth out and cover up imperfections .

Ooooooohhh! A BB Cream! 

From the very start, I have been hoping NOT to receive a BB Cream from one of my Memeboxes. 

For one, BB creams generally have very good coverage, which is why I've been having difficulty emptying my BB cream stash. I have accumulated a lot since last year, and yeah, here comes another one. 

But, I'm not gloomy or anything. Surprisingly, I'm happy I got this one. 

Like the first two products I mentioned in this post, this BB cream just sounds so unique. 

All this time, I've been using BB Creams that leave a whitish (or greyish) cast on my skin, but THIS... 


It says that it would blend into your skin as it covers up flaws. Plus, it has SPF 50! Could you believe it? 

This sounds like a product sent from heaven. Then again, can't wait to try it out! 

Rose Mine Azulene Calming Gel 75ml ($29)
Soothe, moisturize and cool your dried, sun-burnt skin with this Azulene Calming Gel. Its gentle formula from chamomile extracts helps alleviate redness, smooth out roughened skin texture, and even reduce red blemishes. 

My very first reaction when I saw this thing was:

OMG.. Something I couldn't use! And what a waste - it's a full-sized product! What have you been thinking Memebox? 

The curator card mentioned chamomile, but sadly, there's not hint of it anywhere. It doesn't even smell like one!

Obviously, a calming gel is something that Filipinos (like me) would rarely (or never) use at all - because we avoid prolonged sun exposure like plague. I admit: right after unboxing, I just threw this farther from the rest of my favorite stash, but eventually, I took it back.

The curator card also mentioned something like: smooth out & moisturize roughened skin texture. That was when I figured that I could use it even without a sunburn!

I bet there's no harm in trying this out, primarily as a skin moisturizer.

Thank you Memebox for another potentially wonderful product.

Skinfood Bath Salt Honey Jasmine 80g ($3)
Made from various herbal extracts and mineral-rich organic salt from Australia, Skinfood's Bath Salt will alleviate and replenish your tired body and soul. 

This bath salt's scent is just so strong that I could smell it inside a sealed Memebox box. 

The thing is, I didn't like the scent at first. It made me feel nauseous, because it's probably too much for my tiny nose. 

Few days later, I began to appreciate the scent because the strong 'throw' dissipated, leaving base notes to linger in the air. 

I'm afraid I won't be able to use this bath salt though, simply because, we don't have a bathtub, and so are the most of us here in the Philippines. As of now, I use this bath salt as a closet 'freshener' and it works just fine. 

Kskin Rose Sense 100% Essential Oil 5ml ($42) 
This smart essential oil can be used for multiple functions - as a scented perfume when dropped on your clothes or underarms, as an aroma bath oil, as a body massage oil, and also as your secret perfume for when you're suffering from monthly period and its annoying stench. 

To be honest, I have been expecting Memebox to include essential oils, because its theme leans towards herbal cosmetics. Essential oils are like the holy grail for beauty and relaxation, and personally, I think essential oils are pretty cool stuff to include in a beauty box.

However, I must admit, that I'm not too happy with this product. It's not that I don't like rose, but it's not the kind of rose that I would love sniffing. I don't know, but my senses keep on telling me that the scent is worst than granny roses (century old ones), which are pretty nasty and creepy, if I may add. Kind of reminds me of a very old haunted house.

I would have loved a lavender, tea tree, chamomile or a peppermint essential oil, because they're especially friendly to the senses. When it comes to rosy scents, it really depends. There are so many versions of rose scents out there and I'm afraid I just got the it-smells-awful kind of rose scent.

Also, funny how the Memebox curator card would encourage users to mask stenches with this essential oil.

Memebox, we all get it: You can do a whole lot of stuff with essential oils, but there's no need to sugarcoat it. Essential oils are essential oils - and they are great just the way they are. 


Just like my first Memebox unboxing, I had a few things that I'm not too happy about. However, overall, I still find Memebox worth purchasing, to mention the following reasons:

  1. Great value for money - Do the computation, and you'll discover that I've indeed saved a lot of money from the cosmetics/products they included in the box;
  2. Features new products - Yes, they really include products that are new and innovative. I find this very important in a beauty box, and Memebox executes this perfectly well. I have been seeing new and innovative stuff from time to time. 
  3. Address a certain need or choose a theme - This is where Memebox differs from the rest of the beauty boxes out there. With Memebox, you could choose which ones to purchase, and how many. 
  4. Curation for products are excellent - I know there were some misses, but based on my experience, the misses seem a lot like bonus products to me, and would not significantly affect the value of the box. Aside from those misses, I appreciate the quality of the products included in the box. These are the kind of products that would be really difficult to part from. 
Well, that's all for today's unboxing. Is there anything in this box that you'd like me to review? Just let me know!

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