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Unboxing Post: Memebox Superbox #75 - City Girl

If you could only use one K-Beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be? That's the question we asked all ladies in Seoul City! We hunted down the beautiful ladies of Seoul to see which beauty products they can't live without to curate this special box, bursting with only the most buzzed about beauty innovations that's all the rave among hot Seoulites! When it comes to K-Beauty, these ladies are the experts. Come on, have you ever come across a Korean woman who doesn't have the most put-together makeup, and hauntingly flawless skin? We sure haven't. 
When this box first came up in Memebox website, I wasn't too interested in it. The description made it sound like it's full of makeup products, and I am not a makeup person. Not really.

But, I bought it anyway, primarily because it's bundled with the Memebox Superbox #76 - While You Were Sleeping, by which I had really high hopes with.

However, this box turned out to be a pleasant surprise when I unboxed it last week.

Take good look at all that!

Now, I know you couldn't share my enthusiasm just yet. 

So, here's the breakdown:

I have arranged the products based on my preferences. 

originalraw Multi - Pigment - I am Designer 10g x 3ea $42

Kiss goodbye to bulky makeup bags, because you'll be able to do everything from eye, lip, and cheek makeup with these Multi-Pigments. Create a beautiful flush, a pretty pout, or glamorous eyes with this highly blendable and pigmented three-in-one formula. The creamy, streak-free stain is enriched with amethyst, sunflower seed oil, pearl powder and ruby powder. 
One look and you know that this is definitely NOT a skincare product. But, it goes in the top list mainly because it's one-of-a-kind. Three tubes contain three different pigments: one beige, one orange, and one pink - all of which you could mix and match to create makeup for the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, etc. That's basically an all-in-one product! And sounds like a convenient product to use, too! 

I haven't used it just yet, but I think this would turn out to be an awesome product. 

Did I mention that this was the spoiler for this box, too? 

Migabee Verbena Cream 50ml $29

Both a deeply nourishing night cream and a daily moisturizer, Migabee Verbena Cream promises supple, silky smooth complexion. It's formulated with a blend of shea butter, peptide complex and natural moisturizing factors, thus improve skin elasticity and strengthens skin's innate ability to maintain moisture and protect itself from the external environment. 
Top spot #2 is for Migabee Verbena Cream, which is basically a moisturizer.

Migabee is a Korean brand that I'm not familiar with, but I'm willing to give this product a try. Judging by the looks of it, I think Migabee might be middle-end Korean brand.

Migabee Pure Berry Oil Soap Honey 310ml $29

An all-in-one multi-cleanser for hair, body, and facial use. Pure Berry Oil Soap contains saponin complex for creating soft, creamy bubbles which soothe and hydrate sensitive skin while deep cleansing. The Honey blend is made with bee venom, honey, propolis, and acai extracts and works to strengthen skin firmness and balance out uneven skin texture and tone. 
Another Migabee product, and an all-in-one product at that! And, this bottle is huge!

The product description says that this could be used as a multi-cleanser for the hair and body. That's a great idea. I'm thinking of refilling my travel containers with this!

Mizon Oh! Shy Gorgeous On Liquid Cheek 8ml $16

This light-reflecting multi-functional blush and lip liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion, creating a glowing radiance. Wear it alone, or mix it with your favorite foundation, BB cream, or CC cream to transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, the peachy coral shade is universally flattering for all skin tones. There's no way it can go wrong. 
I have far too many lip products in my vanity drawer(s) right now. Sadly, a cheek/lip tint is not something that I'm interested in. I have far too many lippies to empty, which is why I gave this to my younger sister. It's not that I don't want it at all.

However, I do admit that I felt a bit of regret when my sister used this on her lips and cheeks. It looks gorgeous when worn! Nonetheless, I'm sure I could get over this soon. My sister's really happy anyway.

Shara Shara Dew Veil Primer Balm 25g $13

With a formula based on avocado oil - rich in vitamin, iron, and niacin - this hydrating primer neutralizes the skin tone, soothe dry patches, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application. Dew Veil Primer Balm helps create a dewy, supple complexion and keep makeup looking fresh as well. 
The last product is from Shara Shara, and it's a primer. It's supposed to hydrate, too. 

This came in last because I barely use primers at all. I like Shara Shara, but I would have preferred their skin care line over their makeup. I tried Shara Shara skincare products, and I could attest that quite lot of them are great. For me, their makeup line is not so special at all. Their makeup products were just okay. 


I received four Memeboxes for the month of November alone. Among these four boxes, I find this box to be the best and the most exciting. I'm a happy Memeboxer.

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Love lots,

Newbee Marie

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