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Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #49 - Hair and Body 4 (Spa Edition)

Escape the world with this Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition! 
Take down your hair, light a candle, and step into a world of bubbles and frothy goodness with the fourth edition of our best-selling Hair & Body series. Packed with the best spa-quality hair-reviving and body-beautifying essentials yet, Hair and Body 4: Spa Edition will turn your ordinary bathtub into a world-class spa! Experience first-class beauty with this Memebox classic, and be beautiful from head to toe! 

Take note:

Memebox mentioned in the curator card that this box, the Memebox Special #49 - Hair and Body 4 (Spa Edition) will turn your ordinary bathtub into a world-class spa! 

I wonder up to what extent Memebox is capable of delivering? Memebox promised big-time, after all.

Let us take a look!

This box was delivered alongside Memebox Special #47 - My Dessert Box.

Products are arranged according to my preferences:

Milky Dress Pink Lovely Fast Shampoo 200ml $40

This hydrating and repairing hair shampoo contains a blend of transformative ingredients that calms scalp irritation and strengthens hair for a shiny luster. It prevents and slows thinning and loss of hair while treating inflammation on the scalp. Great for all hair types and lengths including processed hair, it is clinically proven to rejuvenate hair.  
What is a hair and body box without shampoo?

Memebox knew about that; so, there you have it: a shampoo.

This shampoo was also Memebox's spoiler for this box. I was not too excited about it when it was announced. Only that, I already purchased this box when they revealed the spoiler.

And, I'm not quite familiar with the brand, Milky Dress, but I haven't found my HG shampoo either. I hope this would be it, as it promises to rejuvenate hair as well.

A 200ml shampoo such as this for $40 may be a bit too much, so I expect quite a lot from it.

Swanicoco 100% Natural Peeling Herb Pack 25ml $12

A peeling pack formulated with only 100% natural medicinal herbs. It can be used both on face and body to exfoliate any dead skin cells and skin impurities piled up and to soften and smoothen coarse skin texture all in one.  
At first, I thought this product is a new kind of edible. 

Uhmmm.. hair and body? Spa?

I'm glad I was wrong because this is a peeling pack. Only that, it's too small, and somebody could mistake it for a pill bottle or something. 

I wonder if it's any different from your typical body scrub, which exfoliates skin as well? 

Plus, it's so expensive for something soooo tiny!

Is there really anybody out there who would fall prey on this product being so expensive and all? 

Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment 30g $15

Enriched with pure apple extracts, ceramide, panthenol, and 40 different kinds of naturally-derived ingredients, the Malus Intensive Hair Treatment delivers rich nutrition and moisture deep into dry, damaged hair, resulting in firmer, glossier hair ends and healthier scalp as well. 

Uhm. Another hair product. Another hair treatment product. 

Is it just me, or Memebox is obsessed with hair treatment products recently? I've seen them come quite often, and I'm not too sure if majority of the Memeboxers are looking forward to hair treatment products. 

I am not. But I don't really mind receiving them once in a while. 

This packaging is adorable, by the way. 

Nadu Skin Aroma Mini Bathboom 20g $2

Four tablets for each mini pack. Nadu Skin's aroma bath tablets come in fun, romantic colors and is infused with aroma essential oil which help cleanse and de-stress by stimulating blood circulation after a long, stressful day. When dropped in water, it melts instantly leaving a subtle, pleasant scent.   
I've been expecting bath tablets from Memebox, to tell you the truth. But, I've been hoping they would include at least 10 tablets. They only managed four.. :(

Four tablets are only worth $2. I consider these as bonus items - being too tiny and inexpensive. They smell great though, but I was expecting a lot more.

Zamian Clean Foot 50ml $36

The ultimate spa foot care which basically looks like a pair of socks that you wear and for the next few days dead skins will gradually peel off from your feet and viola - the softest and smoothest feet you've always longed for!  
Seriously, a one-time use foot mask for $36?! Is this a joke? 

Is Memebox inflating prices again? 

I don't have much to say about this, only that, I would have preferred fullsized products other than this. If it is indeed a $36 mask, it takes away the value from the rest of the products in this box. 

I'm a bit disappointed. Since, it's already here, I guess I'll just have to put this to good use. 

Dermahouse Stretch Care Cream 180ml 

A deeply penetrating cream that helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of new and recent stretch marks. The pitot essential oil complex reinforces the elasticity of the skin to withstand stretching and keep skin supple, well-moisturized and firm.
I can't believe they included a stretch mark cream. It's not even a spa product!

I think this shouldn't be in this box, but I'll use it anyway.

Dermahouse appears to be a regular item in most Memeboxes, much like Hope Girl. It's a decent brand with decent products, but sad to say, just like the Hope Girl, Dermahouse products are wearing me out. 


For the first time in my memeaddiction, I finally encountered a box that doesn't feel like it's worth my money.

I mean, if you'd do the calculations based on the Memebox retail prices, this could total for up to 5x the value you pay for, but somehow, this box feels empty to me. It's not really something that I'm happy about.

This box is boring, and doesn't even come close to the description that it came with! Probably, the most boring of all the Memeboxes I already received to date.

Seriously, I would have been better off if I chose my own products for a 'spa edition'.


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