Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review: Skin79 Green Tea Mist Toner ( 60ml )

Today's review will be about a toner. In fact, this review means a lot to me because this is the very first toner I actually tried. Before that, I never ventured into skincare and cosmetics, and my idea of makeup by then was a lip balm.

Year 2010, and I became fascinated into trying BB creams. It was a hype then and I never knew which brand to try first. The internet led me to Skin79, which is according to most reviewers at the time, has the best line of BB CREAMS. True enough, the BB cream worked like magic, and I had it since then. Eventually, I began to embrace the famed Korean skincare routine as well.

At first, I didn't risk trying out other Korean brands, because I was in love with Skin79. I bought the moisturizer, the mask, the eye cream, and even the toner. It wasn't easy at all, because I had to spend a fortune on my Skin79 skincare routine. A moisturizer costs around Php 700, while the toner is a Php 100 cheaper - probably too much for my student allowance and pay from my part-time jobs.

But, you know what? I could say it was worth it.

I had horrible skin before my biggest experiment. My face was prone to acne, and it's so sensitive that scars left by acne and pimples were so evident on my face. Plus, my skin looked flaky. I don't know what else to say, but my skin's condition then was so terrible.

I could probably attribute the transformation to Skin79, but despite everything, I think I'm ready to part from my favorite toner - the Skin79 Green Tea Mist Toner.

I know that this toner made my skin smoother and acne-free in the past years. It did what it promised:
  • Prevented acne and pimples
  • Gentle
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Made skin smoother and silkier
Its scent is pleasant, too, and it absorbs easily. It's not sticky either.

Plus, it's not a hassle to use at all. Just spray it on your face, and you could proceed to the next skincare step. I never even had problems with the nozzle, everything worked like magic.

But truth be told, I can't afford a toner as expensive as this anymore. A 60ml bottle could last you two months of regular use at most, and each bottle costs roughly Php600 here in the Philippines.

Imagine how many bottles I've emptied (and how much cash spent) just to maintain my skin. This is probably the 5th. But then, like they always say, if there's a beginning there is an end. Tragic as it sounds, but I think this is where my relationship ends with my beloved  Skin79 Green Tea Mist Toner:

You know, I love you still, but time has finally come when we have to part ways. 

[DISCLAIMER] This is NOT a sponsored or paid advertisement. NEWBEE (the author of this blog) chose to buy the said product at her own expense. Please note that the reviews are not by any chance made by an expert on makeup and skincare; these reviews are all based on the author’s limited knowledge, thoughts, and opinions. 
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