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Say Goodbye to Ugly Underarms? Is Green Peeling Oil GPO Effective? (Review)

Dark Underarms?

Bumpy Underarms? 

Unsightly Underarms? 

And the list is endless. For sure, underarm woes are very difficult to bring up, but let's face it: not everyone is gifted with flawless underarms. 

Don't worry, I won't be posting unsightly underarm photos in this post.

A few years back, I was extremely worried by how my underarms looked then. It was a total mess, and all these whitening UA products all fail in whitening my dark UA areas. For your reference, I have fair skin but my UA skin were noticeably darker than the rest. I have chicken skin, too, despite waxing on a regular basis. 

It was really a nightmare: wearing sleeveless tops was not even an option! Unless, of course, if you're somebody who could afford derma sessions on a regular basis. Prettifying your armpits would be a cinch! Sadly, I was one of those many people who could not afford a Belo or Calayan's services. 

Green Peeling Oil (GPO)

Year 2011, I came across a forum discussing potential solutions to dark and bumpy armpits. The thread was lengthy, but the discussion on the Green Peeling Oil caught my attention. 

What is Green Peeling Oil?

From what I researched, Green Peeling Oil is a concoction of Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Tretinoin, Salicylic Acid, and Citric Acid. A quick analysis on COSDNA reveals the following:

Glycolic AcidExfoliator
Lactic AcidAstringent
Salicylic AcidExfoliator

The last two ingredients, Tretinoin and Salicylic Acid's safety bar are raised higher than the rest. A quick search, once again, revealed that both are crucial in skin treatments, but could cause certain side effects as well. Side effects, such as burning sensation, itchiness, redness, are just few of the things that we would have to consider when using GPOs. 

I really don't have an idea on what makes the liquid green, but it promises to take away all your skin's imperfections by shedding a layer of your skin a few days after application. GPOs can be used on armpits, legs, arms, and even on the face, at least according to sellers' claims, 

My Experience on Green Peeling Oil

Four years ago, I decided to give the Green Peeling Oil a try. I ordered a couple of sets online, which included a small bottle of GPO, and a jar of hydrocortisone cream. I forgot to which store I bought my GPO from. I couldn't even recall the brand. Nonetheless, I think all GPOs by then looked the same. Packaging was not even 'commercial' to begin with. Labels were lopsidedly placed, as if the products were homemade. 

I admit I was skeptical upon seeing the actual product. Don't they need to have a BFAD approval for this? And it was extremely cheap. Php 500 would have been too much for the two sets. 

But, if it works, why not? 

So, I decided to use it on my armpits. 

I followed everything that the directions indicate, including not peeling the dead skin off! And yes, I didn't wash my underarms for a long time (a week or two, maybe?) I couldn't recall much, but all I know is that I followed everything - even the gross part. 

Within the treatment period, I noticed that my skin did shed off - a little bit at first, and eventually, a huge part of my dead skin! 

The peeling didn't hurt, but the 'new' skin underneath was extremely sensitive and tender, and it was red, too, much like 'red meat'. 

But, I tell you. It was a HELLISH experience. 

A few hours after the 'red meat' was exposed, I began to experience severe itching. Everything around my pits were sooo red, and itchy, and disgusting, that I panicked. The hydrocort that the GPO came with, to my dismay, didn't work! It felt as if it's making the whole situation worse. 

I even considered visiting a dermatologist for it, but I didn't - out of shame, maybe. Plus, I didn't even wash my pits then for fear that I might ruin the whole process! 

I think the whole ordeal lasted for a month. Even when the dead skin was completely shed off, and I was then allowed to wash my pits on a regular basis, I had to suffer from irritation and from redness.

The results

But the hellish experience was not for nothing. A couple of months after treatment, I noticed that my new skin was flawless, and white. It is indeed new skin! And, it doesn't have bumps! Overall, I'm really happy with the results.  

However, as the years passed by, the new skin have developed bumps of its own, but not as bad as it used to be. I noticed it became a little dark as well, but it doesn't matter much. I could cope with it. 

I didn't repeat the process, despite seeing my 'new' skin develop small bumps and all. I realized I couldn't go through another hellish experience with GPO. Besides, my pits are still pretty, and I think I've done a pretty decent job of maintaining them. 

So, obviously, it's a NO REBUY FOR GREEN PEELING OILS.

How about you? 

Have you used Green Peeling Oils before? How was it? 

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Please note that the reviews are not by any chance made by an expert on makeup and skincare; these reviews are all based on the author’s limited knowledge, thoughts, and opinions. 

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