Sunday, November 30, 2014

BDJBox Misadventure: [SOLVED!] and May 2014 BDJBox Unboxing

Truth be told, I was really upset with my May 2014 BDJBox that was delivered sometime in May earlier this year. When I unboxed it, it was a total mess because one of the Revlon nail polishes inside broke. A large portion of it was so shattered that it messed up almost everything in the box. True, I was able to salvage a few items, but a lot of them were drenched in pale blue polish, which by the way, stank of polish smell. Being the asthmatic that I am, sad to say, I had to throw away half of the products  inside the box - even some shampoo sachets because they really really stank. Acetone was not very useful as well. 

I emailed BDJBox team about the tragic condition of my box, but I never got a reply, as posted in my entry here. I was really upset about it, until I've gotten over it. As a matter of fact, I have forgotten about THAT incident. 

I just shrugged it off, for the following reasons: 
  • One, BDJBox have been giving out products that are worth more than what we Bellas have paid for.  
  • Two, it's just a box; I was able to salvage some items anyway.
  • Three, they must have informed the courier already to take extra care of their packages

BDJBox Team noticed my blog post. 

In a recent email, BDJBox Team apologized for the mishap, stressing that they would use this as a learning experience to make BDJBox even better. 

Apparently, the complaint I sent last May didn't reach them, which is not an isolated case now that they mentioned it. I noticed that some emails I've sent out in the past using my email account were not successfully delivered, despite the notification, which says "message sent" or something like that. Nonetheless, it's an entirely different thing to talk about and I'm glad to know that BDJBox didn't disappoint me after all - even several months after the incident. 

There was a gap in the communication - that's all. 

And since, every customer is important to BDJ, the team sent out a replacement for my ruined May BDJBox. I got everything that was inside the original May 2014 BDJBox, but some vouchers were removed because they already expired. But, it's more than okay, because for one, I didn't ask for a replacement at all, and this box replacement is simply more than enough for me. 

Unboxing photos up ahead (in no particular order): 

You may have noticed that BDJBox took the extra step to make up for the mishap. I am really happy that BDJ listens. Special thanks to Ms. Mich of BDJ Team for taking the time to attend to my concerns.

Thank you so much BDJ Team!


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