Sunday, April 12, 2015

When I first saw this neck product from my Memebox Princess Edition 2 - Sleeping Beauty, I admit I wasn’t really interested in it. I believed that the neck is simply an extension to the facial skin, and therefore, would be fine without resorting any skincare product of its own.

What I apply on my face is what I apply on my neck as well.

Sounds like a good idea? No, not really.

The neck is a crucial area that we need to take good care of.

Let me explain:

Most women worry at the sight of wrinkles along the forehead, and along the eye areas - to name a few - but truth be told, the neck reveals so much more.

Sagging skin?
Discolored skin?

Most of these show prominently on the neck area. A lot of times, they are more obvious on the neck than on the face. This also means that early signs of aging show on the neck!

And all this time, we’ve always been concentrating anti-aging products on our face! The neck needs some sort of extra care, too!

Thankfully, cosmetic industries are now addressing ‘neck problems’, and one of the several products that target the neck area is the Vella Neck Tight Cream.

Nope. You didn’t read it wrong. The packaging does say ‘Neck Tight Cream’.

The Vella Neck Tight Cream is an anti-aging cream that promises to tighten and deliver elasticity to the skin. It also promises to smooth out wrinkles in the neck area.

Vella, by the way, is a Korean brand. I really don't know much about this brand, except that I have one more product from them, which is the Vella Cleansing Cream - also from Memebox. Other than that, I don't think it's a widely known brand. Apparently, this product is only available in Korea.


  • Moisturizing
  • Easy to apply
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Smells pleasant
  • Enhances skin texture


  • Not available locally


Funny how the Vella Tight Cream, the Skin79 Lemon Brightening Mask, and the Enprani Dear By Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream have visually similar packaging. The last two products though are heavier than the Vella Tight Cream.

If you’re worried about the fragility of this item, don’t fret. I don’t think it’s made of glass. I dropped it a couple of times and it’s still intact. Pretty and sturdy packaging - which I like.

Also, they printed the expiry date and the batch code on the jar.


One thing’s for sure, it sure is creamy! It absorbs easily on the skin, and it doesn’t leave a white cast.

Being in a tropical country, I appreciate that it doesn’t ‘warm’ up the skin, like most lotions and moisturizers do. It’s rather cool and it doesn’t make your skin greasy and sweaty.

I believe that this product smells nice, too. The scent reminds me of perfume or cologne that a young sophisticated lady might prefer to wear on a warm, sunny day.


I don’t have much experience on neck creams as this is my first ‘neck product’. However, I believe that this product performed rather well. It moisturized my neck and it enhanced the texture. I could say that this product did much better than the moisturizers I used in the past. A few minutes after application, I always find my neck smoother and silkier than it used to be.

However, I still quite doubt the ‘tightening’ effect. Sad to say, I didn’t notice the tightening effect the entire time I used this - or did I just miss anything? I’m glad to report though that my stretch marks and wrinkles along the neck area have lightened a little bit.


To be honest, I haven’t really decided yet. This product was good, but I’m thinking of trying out other products to compare it with. I think I’ll try out Skinfood’s neck product next.

How about  you?

Do you think we should add neck skincare products to our routine?

I would appreciate it if you could comment below!

Until the next post! Bye!!!

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