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Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #47 - My Dessert Box

Nothing says cute like beauty trinkets that resemble your favorite sweet desserts! If you're a sucker for over-the-top, embellished beauty essentials that look like your favorite sweet treat, you're in the right place! Yeah, you're all grown-up and lead a sophisticated life and all, but sometimes, you've got to show some love to your inner nine-year old girl. 
What better way to show that love than to shower yourself with yummy beauty treats that look, feel, or smell like your favorite sweet desserts! Plus, these cute-as-a-muffin beauty trinkets are dual-purpose - they're useful and they're also really, really great props for Instagram. We promise. 
Stupid as it may sound, but in my book, desserts and cute stuff are synonymous with each other.

I had my eyes on My Cute Wishlist boxes before, but I never had the chance to grab them.

I was really broke when Memebox released the said boxes! 

Fortunately, it was a good thing that I didn't buy one, because it turned out, that the My Cute Wishlist boxes (except for the first version) were a disappointment to most Memeboxers.

The Memebox Special #47 - My Dessert Box sounded like a good risk to take. It sounded like a better alternative to the My Cute Wishlist line. It promises cute stuff that resemble desserts. A cute stuff fanatic (such as myself) would never, ever want to miss this out, so I grabbed it as soon as it came out.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received it, together with the Memebox Special #49 - Hair and Body 4 (Spa Edition) .

And look what I've got:

It's a box full of cutesy goodness!

It's a bit of a mess when I first opened it; the ampoule's box is obviously damaged, but it's nothing serious.

If you're curious what this box was crammed with, read on!

I have arranged the products according to my preferences:

Carver Korea Le Petit Prince Creme 100g $46

A pudding-textured gel cream formulated in a special collaboration with the famous Korean male beauty blogger 'Petit Prince'. It combines toner, emulsion, ampoule, cream, and pack all in one multi-cream which works to create a moisture net over the skin to prevent any moisture loss and to maintain the skin moist, supple and elastic. 
Today's top spot belongs to another all-in-one product, the Carver Korea Le Petit Prince Creme. 

Judging by the looks of it, it doesn't resemble a dessert at all. I know. Maybe, it's cute - a simple kind of of cute. 

Seriously, I had a hard time deciding which product should earn the top spot. Aside from this, I was torn from the blusher and the ampoule. 

I admit it, it's not too cute like how I expected it to be. But since it sounds like a decent product, and it's worth a try (the most expensive, too), then maybe, it should be on the top spot. It can be for everyday use, too. 

Dearberry Single Scoop Blusher 01 Chiffon Pink 8.5g $11

 Awaken your complexion with a scoop of ice cream inspired blush. It gives the appearance of an airbrushed look with the ease and blendability of a feather-light and cream to powder blush. The formula melts the skin, leaving a subtle, dewy, soft-focus finish. 
Isn't she beautiful?

This blush is tiny, but probably the closest to the 'My Dessert' theme. It looks like a miniature ice cream!

Now that I think of it, this blusher is cuter than the Petit Prince product. But since this is makeup, and the Petit Prince is a skincare product, Petit Prince wins. I am biased like that. I am biased for most skin care products.

Enough said.

Delskin Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule 100ml $30

This bottle of ampoule consists of over 90% of concentrated vitamin-rich fruit and veggie juice freshly extracted from strawberry, lime, raspberry, lemon, mango, apricot, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, papaya, broccoli, cucumber, and carrot. 
Here's another skin care product that is not so cute, but is on the third spot. It doesn't even look like dessert at all! However, it's a skin care product that promises the goodness of fruits and vegetables.

It's the second most expensive product in the box, too, and it's the largest. I have never seen an ampoule as big as this. I think it would take me forever to empty this.

One look at it and it screams 'citrus' all over. I'm not really a fan of citrus, because my skin is extremely sensitive on such products. I hope it won't irritate my skin!

It's a risk on my part, and hope it's worth it!

It's Skin Cookie and Hand Cream 80ml $9

Each with a strawberry or a refreshing mint scent, the Cookie and Hand Cream not only smells heavenly, but also contains cookie-like bits that give a moisturizing yet silky soft finish when applied on dry hands. 
This hand cream is cute and it complies to the dessert theme, but I think it's more of a novelty than a necessity. I don't usually use hand creams, because I could always reach a lotion for my needs. I guess it wouldn't hurt if I'd give this a try. 

I got the mint variant, which is quite an unusual variant for most hand creams out there. 

Shara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick 5.5g $12

This Lemon Tea Pore Stick is enriched with lemon, lime, and apple extracts, and works to control excessive oil and sebum, brighten up uneven skin tone, and refresh with a soothing, cooling effect when applied. 
I don't think I'll be using this item soon, because I still have the Insobeau Hiaromax Vitamin Stick from one of my previous Memeboxes. It was good, but I believe it needs a few more improvements. The said vitamin stick solidifies after application, thus could leave undesirable traces of waxy composition on the skin. Sadly, I think this product will leave the same impression (I hope not). 

Obviously, I'm not too excited to try this out, because I think this is another novelty item.

Also, be careful when you try this one out, because it might fall out once you open the tube. I almost damaged it when I did!

Navillera Traditional Dessert Soap 60g $5

Hand-crafted into the shape of the 'hwa gwa ja' - a Japanese traditional sweet dessert widely served with teas, this lovely soap is formulated with only natural ingredients such as aroma essential oil, centella asiatica, sweet pumpkin, cacao, wormwood powders, camellia oil, etc. Thus, it's extremely gentle and is suitable for all skin types. 
This product is cute, but it doesn't smell too good, in my opinion. It's somewhat musky, and it doesn't smell like dessert at all!

I guess I'll have to pass it on to someone else. I wonder if the other variants of this soap smell the same?


I've got a lot of cute stuff from this box, but it's loaded with novelty items as well. The high ticket items, such as the ampoule and the all-in-one gel cream, don't even look like desserts! They are cute, but they are not extremely cute at all! I hope I make sense.

Nonetheless, I believe this box is waaay better than the My Cute Wishlist boxes. However, this box doesn't stand a chance against the Memebox Special #39: Cafe Box, in terms of cuteness and quality.

Overall, I'm happy I got this box.


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