Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unboxing Post: BDJBox November 2014 - Sweet Shoppe

I almost forgot! I received my November 2014 BDJBox just last week.


What do you know?? It's another Benefit box!

Look at all those stuff!

I don't want to create a lengthy post today, so let's get started!

I have arranged the products according to my preferences.

It's Potent! Eye Cream 
Brighten your dark eyebags with It's Potent Eye cream! It helps restore skin elasticity and boost collagen around your eyes.  

Eye creams are a staple in any skincare routine. I use them twice a day, so I'm glad there's another eye cream jar to add to my collection. 

Yes, it's so tiny because it only holds around 3.0 grams of product, but I don't mind. It's cute anyway. Plus, it's Benefit! 

Posiebalm Hydrating Lip Balm 
With its mango butter and sodium hyaluronate formula, you can get healthy, poppy pink tinted lips. Posiebalm helps you hydrate and conditions while giving pinkish glow. 

Recently, I have been extremely obsessed with lip balms. I don't have a particular brand in mind, for as long as it's a lip balm, I should have it!

This, though tiny, is another addition to my collection. It's in a shade that I like too. I love it!

They're Real! Push-Up Liner
This lash-hugging pen gel liner uses a soft AccuFlex tip that gives you smooth, non-budge application. It's a waterproof, matte black gel eyeliner that can last for as long as 24 hours on your lids! 

Apparently, BDJ Box knows what I need! I've been pondering on building up my liner stash, because when it comes to eyeliners, I'm stuck on Level 0. By Level 0, I have no eye liners in my vanity kit. Nothing. Nada.

But, I realized - I need one! Perfect makeup looks are not complete without an eyeliner!

 They're real! Eye Makeup Remover
This powerful eyeliner and mascara remover gently removes waterproof eye makeup without irritating your eyes. Simply saturate a cotton pad with the creamy gel and slowly be amazed at how easy it is to remove your eye makeup! 

Here's another hit on my list of 'needs' - because I don't want to put eye makeup on without considering how to remove it later.

Thank you, BDJBox!

Total Moisture Facial Cream
Be radiantly beautiful with Total Moisture Facial Cream! It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft to touch. 

Here's another skincare product that screams "Use me!!!". I love variety in skincare products, so this is definitely a plus for me! Since, I think this could only last for a couple of uses, I might as well put this in my travel purse. I don't have an excuse to skip my skincare routine! 

BDJBox Benefit repeats (see BDJBox June 2014 - Let the Beauty Begin)

Benefit Lollitint
Benefit Big Easy
Benefit They're Real Mascara 

I've had these products from the past BDJ-Benefit boxes. Despite being repeats, still, I'm happy I got them. I think I could never have too many Benefit products.

I especially love the mascara. It stays where it's supposed to stay, and for the first time in my miserable life, I now have a mascara that doesn't smudge on my lids! No embarrassing makeup fails, and definitely no panda eyes! Finally, a waterproof mascara that works for me!

I love the Lollitint, too.

As for the Big Easy, I don't have anything to say yet. Despite having two or three of these tubes in my stash, I haven't tried a single one yet. But, I will soon... Definitely..

Finally, here's the BDJ sticker of the month, which says: "Love the way you look, look the way you love", which makes sense to me.

I also received a Benefit brow voucher, which I'm not quite interested in. I might send it to someone who might need it.


I love everything in this box, especially IT being Benefit and all. I don't have complaints and I believe my Php 580 is money well spent on this gorgeous box.

Aren't we BDJ Bellas a spoiled bunch?

That's all for today!


Love lots,


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