Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub

Among the seven days of the week, which day do you think is your least favorite? 

I informally asked this question to a few people in our workplace, and I was not surprised at the results at all. Several answered Wednesday as their least favorite day of the week, mainly because it's inconveniently situated in the middle of the work week. 

I know the sentiments very well, because I used to hate Wednesdays, too! 

However, nowadays, I simply love Wednesdays!

Why, you ask? 

'Cause I established my Wednesdays and Fridays as body scrub days! So, instead of using regular soap and water on these days, I could substitute them with a body scrub of my choice. I set Friday as my ordinary scrub day, while Wednesday is my luxury scrub day. 

Now, don't you think it's something to look forward to in the most boring day of the week? 

These past Wednesdays of late were extremely pleasurable, thanks to this, The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub:

Bath products, such as body scrubs, are considered beyond my 'ordinary range' if their prices fall on Php 500 and above. This baby, being retailed at Php 1095, is definitely a luxury product for me. Good thing, I got it at a discounted price during The Body Shop's most recent sale sometime in October. So, instead of paying the full price of Php 1095 for the 206g body scrub, I only paid Php 657. That's 40% off! 

Thanks to the sale, I finally got to try four of The Body Shop's body scrubs, including this! 


Obviously, The Body Shop used the typical tub-type packaging for most scrubs. I'm not really a fan of containers such as this, because I worry about hygiene, too. I mean, dipping your fingers on a clean product could possibly contaminate the rest of it.

So, I don't really want to take the risk. This is why, I always make an extra effort to transfer a sufficient amount of product to another container, so that I could dip my fingers in the shower without worrying too much! 

Kudos to The Body Shop, because I believe every important information about the product are all over the tub. 


I know excellent organic body scrubs are rare, but I believe, The Body Shop managed to put it all nicely. The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub supposedly contains raspberry fruit extracts and some raspberry seeds. And by raspberry seeds, they mean real raspberry seeds! The main exfoliating material for this scrub is simply, a bunch of raspberry seeds!


When you use this, you are literally slathering raspberry all over your body! Talk about luxury!

The fact of the matter is, I enjoyed every bit of it, and if you love the scent of the real raspberries, you gotta love this! It really smells like raspberries! And, it's not overpowering at all. I bet, there's a 0-1% of getting a headache just by smelling this.

Overall, this product's formulation is just great! The scent stays for a few minutes after using it, too.

I am a hundred percent satisfied!


In my opinion, the best body scrubs are expected to:
  • Improve the condition of the skin  making it smoother and silkier after use
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
I believe The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub managed to meet all of my expectations. Plus, it's extremely refreshing! I'm absolutely happy I tried this!


Packaging - 4.50 out of 5.00 
Formulation - 5.00 out of 5.00
Effectiveness - 5.00 out of 5.00

Overall - 4.80 out of 5.00

  • Smells great
  • Exfoliates well
  • Organic
  • Moisturizing
  • Makes skin smoother and silkier
  • Expensive
  • Tub-type packaging

Yes! That is if I have the extra money to do so. Or when there's a sale that I couldn't resist. I must admit that the price tag is just too high for my beauty budget. <insert super sad face here>

Nonetheless, it's a great body scrub, and I recommend it to anyone who would like to lavishly treat their skin with real raspberry goodness. 

That's all for today's review. 

Enjoy your week, everyone! 

Love lots,

Newbee Marie

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