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Unboxing Post: BDJ Box June 2014 - Let the Beauty Begin (An Exclusive Benefit San Francisco BDJ Box)

Wondering what's inside BDJ Box for June 2014? Scroll down below to see for yourself!

I received these goodies yesterday, and what do you know?! It’s a Benefit Exclusive Box, for the second time around! The first Benefit Exclusive Box (Secrets of a Spy Gal) was sent on March 2014, and never did I expect that another would be shipped for June.

However, all items in this particular box, are in sample sizes, mainly because, Benefit products are somewhat expensive. For me, it's really okay. I get to try their bestsellers before finally buying them in full sizes, that is, if they are really worth all the money.  

Nonetheless, with this box, I still feel very lucky.

I just love you Belle de Jour!
Everything inside the BDJ Box June 2014. Sweet, isn't it? 

Very fancy box. As expected from Benefit, and BDJ!
Did I mention that this is my first ever unboxing post? Nonetheless, this is not my first BDJ Box; I got my first one last January 2014, and I've been receiving BDJ Boxes since then. 

In case you haven't noticed, there are seven sample sized items in the box, 2 Benefit vouchers, 1 Benefit Product Guide, and some 'ego-boosting' stickers.

Let's take a look at them, one by one, shall we?

Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer in 0.5g
When I first saw this, I honestly didn't know how to use it. It's my first time to hear about the Benefit Fake Up, I was surprised. What could it do for you and me?

According to the product guide it came with, the Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer should help you hide dark circles around the eyes. Also, Benefit promises that the finish would look natural. It contains vitamin E and appleseed extract that could help diffuse fine lines around the eyes.

The Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer in full size (3.5g) is retailed at Php 1600.00 each. If we'll do the math, 0.5g of it, should cost roughly about Php 230.00. It's also available in three shades. The one I got is in 01 Light Shade.

Benefit Bigger than BB Big Easy SPF 35 Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector 01 Fair in 3.0 ml
The Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector is an interesting product. It says that it's bigger than BB; does it mean BB cream?

According to the product guide, it is the ultimate beauty balancing act, as it is non-comogenic and oil-free,but could still balance moisture and control oil. In addition, it has SPF 35, and self-adjusts to your exact shade and conceal imperfections. 

The full size of the Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector is 35ml and it retails at Php 2000. Our sample size is probably valued at, more or less, Php 290.00.

Benefit Lolli Tint (Candy Orchid Cheek and Lip Stain) in 2.5 ml
Would you look at that! I got a Benefit Lollitint!

I've been looking forward to purchasing this one before; good thing I didn't buy the full size just yet. Thank you BDJ Box for letting me have a Benefit Lollitint in sample size.

I guess the packaging explains what it does. It's an interesting shade, too; don't you agree?

Anyway, the full size Lollitint at 12.5ml retails at Php 1700; therefore, this sample is probably around Php 340.00.

Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara 3.0g
OMG, I've been eyeing this mascara for quite some time now. I can't believe I have one!

For those who are not familiar with it, the Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara is a so-called power mascara. It promises to lengthen, curl and volumize lashes. According to the product guide, this mascara lasts long and it won't smudge or dry out.

It's a must-try. I hope it wouldn't disappoint me.

The full sized Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara (8.5ml) retails at Php 1300.00. This sample size, could be worth around Php 450.00.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup in 3.0 ml
This product is not new to me; this is a repeat product. If I recall correctly, the March 2014 BDJBox, also a Benefit Exclusive Box, included this. Anyway, I'm happy because I found this Brightening Makeup very useful, and I don't mind using this again and again and again.

The Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup is a liquid foundation that could help brighten the skin's appearance without drying it out.

The Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup in full size (30ml) retails for Php 1900. This sample product, should be around Php 190.00.

Benefit Porefessional 3.0 ml
Here's another repeat, (but I don't mind using again) is the Benefit Porefessional. It's a primer that could also even out pores.

It's a pretty interesting product as I have used this a couple of months ago. It was really good.

The Benefit Porefessional Balm in full size (22ml) retails at Php 1,600.00 each. Therefore, the sample size must be around Php 220.00 each.

Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint (2.5ml)
Lastly, here's the Benetint Lip and Cheek Tint. It was also included in the March 2014 BDJ Box, but I really don't mind owning another one.

This is a pretty good tint, too.

The Benefit Benetint in full size (12.5 ml) costs about Php 1700.00. This sample is probably around 340.00.

Benefit Best of the West Giddy Up Gorgeous (Spring 2014) Product Guide
Well played game, Benefit! This product guide would surely boost your sales!

Surprisingly, I'm happy I received 30-page product guide because it contains details about the latest products Benefit has to offer for 2014. Honestly, I was drooling while I was browsing through the catalog. I'm keeping this catalog so that I would know which Benefit products I'll go for next!

Thank you Benefit and BDJ!

Lastly, these are the vouchers that came with the box:

Free Makeupper Voucher
Benefit Brow Wax Service for Php 300.00

These vouchers, by the way, can only be used from June 1 to July 31, 2014, and are only valid at Greenbelt 5, Trinoma Mall of Asia, Rustan's Makati, and Rustan's Shangri-la. 

I won't be visiting Makati for quite some time, so I'm afraid I can't use these vouchers. I'm thinking of giving them away.

The BDJ Product Card 
If you'd compute how much this box is worth, not including the vouchers, it's roughly around Php 2060! That's almost four times the standard subscription price for BDJ Box of Php580.00!

In a personal point of view, I'm really glad I subscribed to BDJ Box. The ones behind BDJBox are really awesome because they always make things exciting for us Bellas.

Interested in BDJ Box?

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Better hurry, because the boxes are selling like hotcakes!



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