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Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #35 - Moisture Surge + October Discount Coupon Codes

Memebox is a hit, 'cause I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who's purchasing tons of boxes in a 3-month period. I've known some people, from different countries, who have had 20 or more boxes! Talk about Memebox addiction!

Anyway, Memebox (pronounced as "mi-mi box"), seems to take the word "Me!" into a whole different level. It's like an "everything-for-me" box, which really sounds so appealing. It worked for me, and obviously, for those who keep on coming back for more Memeboxes!

Nonetheless, I have something new for ME, again:


It's Memebox Special # 35 - Moisture Surge:

It's a dry skin smackdown! Dry, flaky skin sucks almost as much as breakouts and oily skin! Whether you're dealing with an all-over moisture problem or battling just a few annoying dry patches, this Moisture Surge Box will cure all, even during the harshest fall and winter months! This box will lock in moisture for a dewy and supple complexion, and fortify the skins' moisture barrier for all day hydration! 
This was the very first box I purchased despite being broke, and probably the first and the last to be purchased from the Memeshop, without availing the free express shipping upgrade. Can you blame me? I was really desperate to get my hands on this, because I badly need moisturizing products. Honestly, the rest of my purchases (so far) from the Memeshop were all 'wants', while this, I figured, is a NEED.

It's a pretty light box, so by the time I had my hands on it, I lowered my expectations a bit. Well, the first two Memeboxes I got, which were Diet Box and Herbal Cosmetics, were a bit heavier than this one. Nonetheless, my heart was telling me to rip the packaging off, to finally see what's inside.

So, here's a preview:

Now that you've seen the lot, let's take a look at each! The products are arranged according to my preferences:

Original Raw Deluxe Kit ver. 3.0 30ml x 3each ($60)

Black Bubble
Made from all naturally-derived cleansing complex, the Black Bubble boosts its auto-bubble system which works when the oxygen transmitter from its formula meets the air and automatically transforms into fine, minute bubbles for cleansing deep into and throughout your face.
Chan-mool Patting Essence 
Tangly and jelly-like textured, this Chan-mool Patting Essence relieves, moisturizes, brightens, and tightens up the skin all-in-one, by creating a protective moisture barrier. 
Water Block Black Jam
The black component extracted from plants and the super hyaluronic acid combine together to create a moisture wall over your skin. A single application will last you up to 48 hours without any further rehydration. 

The spoiler for this product came out a few days after I ordered this box. Nonetheless, I felt so happy when I figured that it's a set of three skincare products. I don't think each tube is full-sized though. All of which look small, but definitely perfect for travel. Since the set contains small tubes and all, I think I'm going to toss the whole set to my travel bag. A girl could never have too many skincare products!

Honestly, I don't think the set is worth $60 at all, but I have no proof whatsoever. I wonder if Memebox bloated the price for this? $60 per set just sounds too much for a skincare product.

Rosemoon Rich 53% Collagen Smart Balm 50ml  ($47) 
This Collagen Smart Balm is a nourishing facial cream for deeply hydrating the skin and strengthening the skin's innate strength and function. Experience super soft, moist, and well-protected skin the next morning with this collagen-rich formula! 
Anything with collagen is welcome - at least, for me. I love products with collagen because majority of them are very effective in nourishing facial skin. So far, I think Etude House Collagen Line has the best collagen products I've tried. I wonder if this product could keep up with Etude House's reputation? We'll find out soon.

Dermahouse Aloe Vera Moisture Mist 120ml ($14)

It's a moisture splurge for all those super dry and sensitive skin out there! whether your face is overheated from excessive exposure to sun or dry  and irritated from an exhausting day, Dermahouse's Aloe Vera Mist delivers and instant replenishing and soothing effect with just a single spritz! Experience softer, healthier, and more radiant skin. 
When it comes to toners and mists, I prefer ones with 'green labels'. By green labels, I mean, those that give away 'green tea' or 'aloe' as main ingredients. I'm really glad Memebox included this, which I know for sure that would be something I could use in the near future.

Among the products included in this box, I believe this will be the very first one I will use, as I'm currently running out of my 'green tea' facial mist.
Insobeau Hiaromax Vitamin Stick 10g ($29) 
A quick 1-second swipe of this Hiraromax Vitamin Stick along especially dry areas of your face - eye contours, mouth contour, cheeks - will instantly replenish and moisturize the skin for a brighter and suppler complexion overall! Plus, the rich vitamin and hyaluronic acid formula works to cool, soothe, and even treat enlarged pores. 
I've had mixed feelings when I first picked this up, because for one, it's a moisturizer in an intriguing form. Second, its description sounds like a spot treatment for dry skin. For now , I couldn't see myself using this as I still have quite a number of moisturizers lined up for use.

I'm also quite concerned because it's in a stick form. I dread products in stick forms, even lippies, because I live in a tropical country. In case you're not aware, I've had experiences with products melting out because of the heat. I hope this vitamin stick wouldn't give me some problems!
Imface Vio-Xellose Neck Patch 10ml ($5) 
Naturally-derived coconut jelly texture, Imface's special botanical wrinkle complex extracts and adenosine complex all work to treat signs of aging along your neckline. This product is free of paraben, benzophenone, sulfate, artificial pigment, and artificial fragrance. 
I hate it when Memebox considers a single mask sheet as a full-sized item. You can never get to know a sheet mask's worth if you only got one or two of the same variant to try, which is why I'm not too interested in sheet masks included Memeboxes. 

This product would have been very interesting, but it's close to nothing because I won't get to experience how this will work out on my skin. Also,would you believe that this sheet is worth $5 each?! I, for one, wouldn't believe it. 
Wish Formula Premium Ampoule Mask 1 pc ($14)
This miracle Premium Ampoule Mask improves the skin's natural recovery power while it also works to combat wrinkles and deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it moist, supple, and radiant.
Okay, another mask, with a pricetag of $14 each, which I believe is very preposterous. Once again, I'm not too keen on trying this one out, because it's a single piece of mask!


It's almost impossible to conclude that Memeboxes are not worth the time and money - because so far, they have been doing great! I love how they curate 'new' products, and I love how they make the most out of the money you pay them. These are a few of the many reasons why I simply adore Memebox.

True, there are a few products that may not catch our fancy, but most products are very usable. I believe that some of the products I didn't like, were like bonus items. Thankfully, everytime I open a Memebox, I always find products that make me happy.

This particular box, Moisture Surge, is no different from the last few Memeboxes I unboxed. Majority of the products I received were great, while the rest, were bonuses. I love all the items included in this box, except for a couple of masks.

Well, that's all for today's unboxing! Watch out for my next unboxing post!

See you!

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