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Unboxing Post: BDJBox October 2014 - Skin Savers

To be honest, I almost forgot about my BDJ Subscription. Maybe I was too preoccupied with my Memeboxes. Or probably, a month's worth of waiting time is simply too much for me to think about on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised when I got my BDJBox for October 2014 earlier today.

Judging by the boxes I received, BDJ must have decided on becoming extra generous for this month. Not only did I receive a big BDJBox, I got an extra box as well!

And, it says: SKIN SAVERS!

Way to go, BDJBox! 

Here are the snapshots of the contents I received from two boxes:

Well, see for yourself if the products are really worth the wait! 

I have arranged the products according to my preferences:

Dial Cleansing Pair

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash (437ml)
The first of its kind to contain coconut water, this hydrating body wash gives you youthful skin every time you shower.
First off, this body wash is HUGE! It's almost half a liter!

And, it smells really heavenly. Truth be told, I sense a hint of coconut, which I'm not really a fan of, but I love how Dial incorporated the coco scent into the body wash. Smells sooo heavenly. I love it!

Can't wait to use it real soon! 

The Dial Coconut Water Body Wash in 437ml retails at Php 200. 
Dial Coconut Water Soap (113g)

This bar is infused with moisture from coconut water and bamboo leaf extract, to hydrate your skin naturally. 
I preferred the body wash over the soap, simply because I favor body washes over hard soaps nowadays. Nonetheless, this soap smells just like the body wash, which I really, really love at first whiff. I can't wait to use this real soon as well!

According to the BDJ curator card, a trio of this costs Php 140. Therefore, a Dial Coconut Water Soap in 113g must be around Php 50. 

My Choice Smooth Skin Pack
My Choice Spa Salt (500g) - Mango

Maintain your skin's youthful glow with this salt scrub that's packed with antioxidants and vitamins. 
Now, this is one brand that I haven't heard before. Mychoice reminds me of Echoice, which is a cheap Korean cosmetics brand. The former, apparently, was made in Thailand, so there's no obvious association with the latter. 

Funny how both Mychoice and Echoice remind me of Iphone and Myphone. 

Obviously, I got the Mychoice Mango variant, which claims to help in improving the skin's condition caused by sun damage. I find the claim difficult to believe though, but I'm really happy that BDJ finally sent us a salt scrub. Now, I have something else to use other than The Body Shop scrubs I hauled last month. 

This My Choice Spa Salt in 500g, despite its size, is being sold for cheap! It's Php 100 each! 

Now, there's a common denominator between Mychoice and Echoice, and that is: PRICE! 

My Choice Hand and Body Lotion (90ml)

This creamy lotion is concocted with natural ingredients, as well as collagen to nourish and protect your skin from harmful free radicals. 
It's another Mychoice product! This time, it's a hand and body lotion in the Mango variant.

Its short descriptions mention sun protection, which I believe is pretty similar with the salt scrub claims.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it soon, but I'm glad I got another lotion as backup.

The My Choice Hand and Body Lotion in 90ml retails for Php 70 each. 

You think I'm already done talking about Mychoice products? Think again!

Mychoice added two more sachets (in sample sizes, of course) to my BDJBox. One is a salt scrub in Mango variant, while the other is a body lotion in Carrot variant.

These are definitely travel-friendly so I'm keeping them in my travel bag just in case!

Dove Hair Fall Rescue (7ml x 7 vials)

As the first hair care system that treats hair loss from the roots, Dove Hair Fall Rescue has infused Trichazole, soy protein and ginseng into their hair tonic, to reduce damage at the roots and lock your hair firmly in place, effectively lessening hair fall due at the source in just two weeks. Their formula feeds vital nutrients deep inside your hair, defending it from external stress and breakage. 
I admit I considered purchasing this set from Watsons before, but I figured, the price tag was too much for me. Good thing BDJ Box gave me a chance to try it out! After all, I loved those Dove Hair Vitamins BDJBox sent out last month. 

I wonder if this is any better? 

And I do have a question just out of curiosity, just how exactly a hair fall formula fits in to a SKIN SAVERS box? 

I wonder... 

Dove Hair Fall Rescue set retails for Php 470. 

Strip RPT Kit

Strip Ice Cream (sample)RELIEVE - This soothing, calming whip delight calms your inflamed skin - perfect as post-hair removal treatment. 
I know I need this, because I wax on a regular basis. How I wish I could get a full-sized version of this!
Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub (sample)PREVENT - With bamboo and pumice to help shed dead skin, this cooling and creamy scrub will prevent ingrown hair.
I'm not too keen on using peppermint body scrubs at the moment. I have far too many scrubs now, and this sachet makes it to the most disinteresting body scrub stash.

Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream (sample) TREAT - It contains papaya and pineapple enzyme to eliminate ingrown hair, as well as vitamins B5 and E to repair your skin.
I need this so badly! I've got to try this, and if it works, I won't think twice on expend my hard-earned cash on this.

Yves Rocher Zero Blemish Gel Cream (samples)

This will be your secret to flawless and smooth skin! Formulated with Baikal Powder which is recognized for its re-balancing virtues, it absorbs excess sebum and minimizes pores. It also hydrates for a full 24 hours, so you don't need to worry about over-drying your skin. Dab the fresh gel cream on your t-zone for all day protection against blemish and shine. 
Breakouts are definitely a big 'no-no' for me, but sadly, I frequently suffer from them. So, these sachets would really come in handy - I hope. 

Revlon Colorstay 16-hour Eye Shadow Quad (1.09 oz) - 575 Delightful Charmant

Rich, velvety shadows blend smoothly so you can easily contour and highlight your eyes. Beautiful color wears for up to 16 hours, won't crease, fade or smudge, so it will always look freshly applied. It comes in a palette of expertly color-coordinated shades that you can mix and match for your most gorgeous peepers yet. 
I had high hopes for this quad, but I must say, this is just horrible. I admit that the colors look pretty interesting on the palette. They stand out - they sure do. 

But, when I swatched them, the shades were literally close to nothing at all. As if there was no pigmentation. The white one is white though, and the darkest has a little shade to it.

But the rest? You better forget about them. The rest of the colors are really close to nothing at all. 

This quad is disappointing. I really couldn't find a redeeming factor to it. This turns out even more disappointing, especially that the name itself promises a 16-hour staying power for the shadows. It doesn't even show color, so why promise a 16-hour staying power?  

And, they're chalky, too. 

And, the applicator broke right after a couple of swipes. 

Cheaper brands seem to work better than this quad. 

Revlon, you used to be a favorite of mine. How in the world were you able to release a product as horrible as this? 

According to the curator card the Revlon Colorstay 16-hour Eye Shadow Quad retails for Php 795

L'Oreal Paris Youth Duo

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Serum (sample) 
Enriched with ceramide pro to stimulate the skin's renewal process, this serum reduces fine lines and refines skin texture in just 4 weeks. 
L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Anti-Aging Day Cream (sample) 
This day cream has LHA to smoothen pores and 3% concentrated pro-xylane for replumped skin. Apply over the serum for better results. 
A few months back, I bought a full-sized Loreal Revitalift V-Shaper Essence in full price - Php 995 (I think). 

I really thought, it would be fun to try. But despite the high pricetag, it didn't work for me. I mean, there were no visible changes on my facial skin, and my cheaper skin care products seem to work better than the L'Oreal Revitalift Essence. So, I eventually quit. 

I figured that I should lower my expectations on this product when it comes to skincare. However, this doesn't mean that I won't try these two samples at all. Still, I will, but like I said, I already managed my expectations. 

These tubes are very tiny, by the way. So, they go right into my travel bag. 


I love everything in this box, except for the Revlon Quad. Nonetheless, I could feel that I got my money's worth with BDJBox.

BDJBox, thank you!

Love lots,


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