Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: Skin79 The Premier Gold Capsule Essence

Scared of ageing and wrinkles?

At age 25, I began to dread them, and for a while, I was desperate. I wanted to prevent them from showing up, unless I reached, say, 40 years old

I know what you're thinking: I must have gone nuts, being so paranoid on wrinkles. However, at age 25, haven't you felt that a child's play is simply child's play, and you just have to act according to your age? 

And at age 25, clearly, you're not 18 or 19 anymore. You're freaking 25, closer to 30! Age will take a toll sooner than you'll expect. 

I know ageing is inevitable but I heard you could slow down the process, and age beautifully. 

This is the reason why I incorporated anti-wrinkle products in my skincare regimen, which eventually brought me to this:

My photo doesn't give this product any justice. It's way prettier in person! 

This was one of Skin79's newest products in 2013. It's obviously packaged in gold and glitters, and believe me, it's prettier in person. It's probably the most luxurious-looking product in my room right now. Packaging is simply foolproof, and I have no problems with it. To add, it's also very pretty.

I, for one, vaguely have an idea what gold does to the skin, but nonetheless, I bought the Skin79 The Premier Gold Capsule Essence. It says that it 'diminishes' signs of ageing through 'gold' tea, which claims to nourish the skin with the effects of gold. I have no idea what gold tea is, and if you do, please just let me know what it is. If there is gold, probably there's a silver tea? Just kidding.

The container isn't the only thing that was given the touch of gold. Take a closer look at the gel; it's sprinkled with 'gold flecks' too!


Despite its extra luxurious look, the formula is nothing fancy. Its consistency is similar to that of a typical essence - gel-like in texture and has no grains whatsoever. Seriously, once you apply this on your skin, you wouldn't even feel the presence of the gold flecks. Also, they seem to magically disappear once in contact with the skin.

When applied, it doesn't stretch your skin, nor 'firms' it. It's a mysterious gel, because you'd barely notice it there. I guess it sounds just about right - because essences are supposed to be light to the skin. Also, it's a plus that I've never had any problems with breakouts etc. while using this product. I could tell that it works great on sensitive skin, such as mine!


Despite its luxurious looks, its price and its promises, it appears that this particular gel doesn't diminish signs of ageing. I have used this for over a couple of months and I had gone halfway the container, but the fine lines along my forehead are still there. They probably looked even worse now than they did months before I began adding this to my skincare routine! I guess this product is not for me.


Packaging - 5.00 out of 5.00
Formulation - 4.00 out of 5.00
Effectiveness - 1.00 out of 5.00

Overall - 3.33 out of 5.00


  • Very pretty packaging
  • Doesn't spill 
  • No tightening effect
  • Subtle powdery scent
  • Light on the skin 
  • Doesn't cause breakouts
  • 'Wrinkle-improvement' doesn't work
  • Expensive at $58 each
  • Not locally available


The numbers speak for themselves. Sorry, but I'm not repurchasing.

That's all for today's review!

Can you recommend a good anti-ageing product? If you have something in mind, please do share by commenting below!

See you!

Love lots,

Newbee Marie

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