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Unboxing Post: Memebox Princess Edition #3 - Rapunzel

Hair plays a big part in your overall appearance. Hence, bad hair days aren't an option at all. But, BAD HAIR DAYS DO HAPPEN, which is probably why Memebox released the Memebox Princess Edition #3 Rapunzel to address hair issues:
Rapunzel has got the best hair in fairy tale history, and so we've created this box to share the secrets to her healthy, glowing locks! Arm yourself with this Rapunzel box, and you'll have all the pro tools for glossier, bouncier hair, a healthier scalp, and a more manageable mane!  
Do hair the Rapunzel way, and bad hair days will cease to be an issue.
Based on the description, this box sounds amazing, and I expect it to contain cute hair stuff or possibly luxurious-looking products. I mean, why would Memebox bother to name it 'Princess Edition' if the products inside are not fit for a Princess? The very least they could do is make it look cute or lavish.

Also, I expect this box to contain at least, a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask, and possibly a hair treatment. I know it might sound crazy, too, but they might include both permanent and temporary hair coloring stuff.

Are you wondering what could be inside the box?

Take a look at all that!

Let's see if Memebox managed to exceed my expectations. Let's take a look at them one by one, shall we?

Products are arranged according to my preferences.

ProYou Scalp Nutrition Calming Moisture Fluid 150ml ($48)

The various soothing agents - hyaluronic acid, chamomile, pomegranate, allantoin, rosemary, centella asiatica, etc - infused in the Scalp Nutrition Calming Moisture Fluid work not only to soothe and nourish but also to alleviate the scalp of possible itching and dandruff. 
Have you ever tried several anti-dandruff shampoos, but none of them seem to work against dandruff and itching?

I have, and I know that products like this matters - something that would not replace your favorite shampoo but works really great against itching and dandruff. Obviously, I assumed this would work well on my scalp.

I do have high hopes for this one.

Tosowoong 10 Hours 25ml ($12) 

There is absolutely no need for an expensive protein care at a hair salon with Tosowoong's essential 10 hours protein ampoule. All you need is a minute to squeeze out the ampoule and apply it throughout your hair. No rinsing needed at all! Then, the rich protein nutrients from the ampoule will gradually and continuously absorb deep down into your hair and scalp within the next 10 hours, for a visibly healthier-looking shine and silkiness. 
Honestly, I have no idea what protein care is or how it's done at a hair salon, but since it promises to significantly improve the hair and scalp, I'm in! It's a plus that it doesn't need rinsing at all!

I just hope that it doesn't smell nasty. Otherwise, I won't get to use it!

Elizavecca Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment 100ml ($34)

Packed with nutritious collagen, bean protein extracts, ceramide complex, allantoin, hydro-wheat protein, and various vegetable extracts, this collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment is a hair pack that literally coats over dry, damaged hair ends with nourishment, thus delivering a lasting moisture level and a healthy glow to your hair. 
That's an adorable little piggy!

Sorry, I tend to overreact when it comes to cute stuff.

This product is not only cute, it mentions collagen, too! Now, I can't miss this, I love everything collagen. This is probably similar to Tosowoong's Protein Treatment. The only downside is, rinsing is a must after 5 minutes to 20 minutes of use.

Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Vita-Clinic Mist 60ml ($24) 

Boutique Bebe's Hair Salon Vita-Clinic Mist carries rich concentrates of argania spinosa kernel oil, lavender extracts, peppermint extracts, chamomile extracts, rosemary extracts, and royal jelly extracts. Its nutritious formula provides an intense moisture and protein recharge to dry, damaged hair cuticles and protect your hair from any further damage.  
Okay, so this product is something I could use as well! It's a hairspray, so I don't see any hassle on this. The thing is, I've seen similar products from local drugstore brands.

I wonder if it's any different?

L'CRET Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo 300ml ($42)

The Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo is carefully formulated with naturally derived ingredients like sunflower seed oil, argan oil, and babassu seed oil and works not only to moisturize and nourish dry hair but also protect hair from the UV and from de-coloring. Plus, it is scented with a lovely citrus and green tea aroma.  
How many shampoos promised protection from UV rays?

For me, this is a first. I'll definitely give this a try real soon!

Thank you Memebox!

Sally's Box Friendly Argan Hair Mask 18g + 5ml ($4)

Rich in Vitamin E, argan oil is your hair's best friend.  Bring back shine to your hair with this hair mask infused with tocopherol and argan oil to nourish damaged, dry hair with essential vitamins.  
Lastly, here's a one-time use hair mask. It contains argan oil, which is supposed to be a good ingredient for your hair.

It looks like a great product to use and it's so cute! It's a one-time mask so I must choose when is the best time to put this to use. If you also have this, use it wisely!


Despite the appearances of these products (some do not look cute or fancy at all), I'm really happy I got this box. I must say, this is waaaay better than the Memebox Princess Edition #2: Sleeping Beauty. This is not a boring box at all!

Memebox Princess Edition #2: Sleeping Beauty contains two aloe products - probably the reason why my impressions on the box  as a whole plunged.


Judging by the products that this box came with, I'm pretty sure Rapunzel would be really happy to have this as well.

Thank you Memebox!

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