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Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #27 Diet Box + Coupons

Today is a very special day because...

<drumroll please!>

MEMEBOX! I now have my very first MEMEBOX!

Two boxes in one!

Fancy box! :) 

As a matter of fact, I got two!

One is the Memebox Special #27 Diet Box, which I will talk about in this post, while the other is the Memebox Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics!

Sorry, but I'll do the Herbal Cosmetics Unboxing some other time, but please do stick with me! I would really love to share to everybody my excitement even over the second box.  

Believe me, I'm the happiest person in town right now. I have never thought that getting my hands on these babies would leave me grinning from ear to ear. You can't blame me, right? I've waited for these two for like a little over a month to be shipped. Plus, those Memebox unboxing posts that came before mine were really, really tempting!

Do I have an addictive personality? I hope not because even before my first Memebox arrived, I ordered 5 other boxes! So far, I paid for 7 Memeboxes. I'm hopeful that everything is worth the money and the long wait.

Ohhh, watch out for my unboxing posts on those babies as well!

In case you're not familiar with Memebox, I'll brief you on what it is and how you could avail its services.

Memebox was first established in Korea, and it eventually made it to the global market - shipping to various countries from all over the globe, including US and the Philippines. Memebox offers beauty boxes of varied themes and purposes. And clients could choose which boxes would suit their needs and budget, for as long as the preferred items are still available.

Well, obviously I chose two boxes from the list, the Diet Box and the Herbal Cosmetics, which are not available anymore. But don't fret. You might find something else that would catch your fancy. Or if you're lucky, Memebox might release another version of my boxes in the future! :) They've done this to some of their bestselling boxes!

Anyway, let's get down to business! Let's take a peek at what the Memebox Special #27 Diet Box has in store for me (and the other subscribers!):

Memebox Special # 27 Diet Box

Need a little help this summer with your diet plan? Target problem areas by tightening and firming up the jiggle with new and trendy Korean diet creams, massagers, and edibles! It’ll tone up your thighs for signature Korean “honey thighs”, give you bomb abs that will make you look like you’re ready to debut as a member of a K-Pop girl group, and give you and envious S-line curve that’s all in the rage in Korea.

Take a look at the curator card!

I must say: that was pretty bold of Memebox to promise girls with “honey thighs”and “bomb abs”, just with a few products. Also, it seems that Memebox had probably gone too far on promising its Diet Box subscribers a “K-Pop Member” body.

I know it sounds crazy, and impossible, but I gave in anyway. Obviously, I bought the diet box, weeks ago, despite the skepticism. Well, I could never run out of anything new to try!

Anyway, let’s move on to the unboxing!

Now, what’s inside the Memebox Special # 27 Diet Box?

Items are arranged according to my preferences:

Dermahouse Lifting Shape Up Hot Gel 200ml

The caffeine, coffee extracts, hot pepper extracts, mate leaf extracts, and vanillyl butlyl ether formula of the hot gel uses heat to break down formation of cellulite and offers relaxing care for maintaining a healthier, sleeker body line.

Hot gels are great to use, despite the fact that results are usually close to nothing.

I’m hoping that this won’t sting. I've tried some hot gels in the past, and I found out that some were comfortable to use, while the others sting like crazy! It’s so painful that you want to rip your skin off!

This one looks promising, though. It did mention “relaxing care”, which sounds really good to me. I’ll be using this tonight. I hope I’ll feel relaxed.

Also, I wish that it could do something about my bulging tummy cellulites. According to the curator card, the Dermahouse Lifting Shape Up Hot Gel 200ml retails at $34.

Kepaclub Frozen Body Ggong Ggong Gel 100g


 There are two types of body fat – the brown fat which works to maintain the body’s temperature and the white fat which can double and triple in its size unlimitedly and is ultimately responsible for causing obesity. Frozen Body Ggong Ggong gel works to specifically break down and target the white fat and prevent the brown fat from decreasing in its size.

Well, I got a hot gel, and a cold one as well! But, is there really something like brown fat and white fat? How come it’s the first time I heard of it?

I admit this one’s really interesting.

According to the curator card, you could store this thing in the freezer. There’s no worry on freezing it, whatsoever, because it’s formulated not to freeze.

Well, there’s no harm in trying this one. J

Each KepaClub Frozen Body Ggong Ggong Gel in 100g tube retails at $16.

LG Health Care Slim Fit Sparkling Shot (7g x 14)

Grapefruit flavored and packed with Vitamin B, Vitamin C, concentrated cranberry powder, and chicory extracts powder, LG Health Care’s Slim Fit Sparkling Shot is the new popular diet drink among young Koreans. Simply mix in the powder with water and take 1 drink each day, and the Garcinia Cambogia extracts work to deter the transformation of carbohydrates into body fats, ultimately preventing any build-up of body fats around your thighs and love-handles.

I was kind of expecting diet edibles, as mentioned in the description, but I can’t find anything at all! 



But, this…

This is the closest thing to the edibles – a powdered drink, which I’m quite skeptical about.


LG – yep. As in LG -  as in the one that sells/manufactures appliances. Take a look at the logo at the bottom of the box, you’ll understand what I’ve been trying to say.

I hope this doesn’t taste terrible!

The LG Health Care Slim Fit Sparkling Shot (7g x 14) retails at $24.

Ferderma Egyptian Diet Soap 100g

No need to starve with this sensational Egyptian Diet Soap which helps to maintain a beautiful body line only through 5-10 minutes of massaging while taking a shower. The spicy menthol, sweet fennel, horseradish, dandelion extracts, grapefruit, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, and rosemary oil work to alleviate knotted muscles, improve the flexibility and balance of the body, and provide aroma therapeutic effects for relieving stress level as well. Plus, it’s free of paraben, artificial fragrance, and artificial coloring; Ferderma strives to provide only nature-friendly and skin-beneficial beauty regime.

Honestly, I don’t expect much slimming effects from this soap, but since it promises a great deal of stuff – eg stress relief, and improvement on the body’s flexibility and balance (whatever that means), I feel like it’s really worth a try. Also, it's so pretty! 

On the other hand, it makes me want to keep this for later since the retail price for this tiny soap is $18. Quite a pricetag, don’t you think?

SXM I Value Body Ampoule 7ml

This is a liquid-type of ampoule to help control your body line. Its formula can be divided into 3 main functions of the ampoule. Adiposlim, adipoless, and caffeine components help break down and control level of cellulites, while lyslastine V patent rh-polypeptide-7, and palmitoy oligopeptide work to maintain your body line well moisturized and silky smooth.

First of all, I think there are so many clerical errors in the curator card. It mentions so many unfamiliar chemicals that I’m sure a lot of us don’t know about. I figured there could be something wrong because the one who encoded it got the “Garcinia cambogia” all wrong. My suggestion is, don’t mind the ingredients/chemicals too much.

I’m pretty sure though that Adiposlim is correct, and I do love the fact that they mentioned Adiposlim. You’ll find out later why I’m glad I found Adiposlim in this product.

I think this product is promising, but it’s so tiny at 7ml retailed at $5. I read somewhere that effects would be visible after 28 days of use of this product. Sadly, 7ml could only cover 3 - 10 uses. If this is a bigger product, say, 30ml, I would have been more interested in it. 

Purederm Miracle Body Shaping Treatment 2each

Purederm’s Miracle Body Shaping Treatment is made from a patented complex, “Bodyfit”, which has proven to be highly effective in breaking down excess cellulites and preventing body fats from piling up. The caffeine components also work to remove puffiness along your body line, and the moisturizing components such as olive oil and sweet almond oil help maintain body skin highly moist and supple.

This is a sight for sore eyes, because among all the products listed in this box, the Purederm Miracle Body Shaping Gel is the most familiar one. 

Hey! Watson's sell these stuff! Scan the firming lotion section in the nearest Watson's store in your area, and you'll know what I'm talking about. The thing is, I love this product so much that I've kept 20 packets of this once. It contains adiposlim, which is indeed very effective in minimizing cellulites, in my experience though. But you'll have to use it regularly so as to maintain the figure. 

Honestly, I was a bit saddened by Memebox for only including 2 of these. On top of that, the curator card even stated that each patch retails for $5. Well, I got mine BUY 1 TAKE 1 at Php 150. That's roughly $2 each! 

Nonetheless, this is something I could use. 

STC Massage Roller 60g

This is a massage roller for breaking down excess cellulites and alleviating puffy areas of your body. It is best recommended to be used with a lifting or firming body gel/cream. 

I think I have seen something like this before...

Can you buy this from Divisoria? Isn't this from Divisoria? 

For me, I think this is the least exciting product in the box. I mean, they don't really expect us to tone down with this stuff right?

Would you believe that this tiny roller costs $6 each? Well, that's how the curator card states it. One thing's for sure, though: I will never purchase anything like it. 


Well, that's all for the Memebox Special #27 Diet Box! Each item in this box is considered full sized. Although, there some things that I wasn't quite happy about, I still believe that overall, it's a good box. There are so many new things to try, and the products look promising!

I got the Memebox Special #27 Diet Box and Memebox Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics at $68.00 + shipping. I personally think it's worth my hard-earned money, which is why I bought a whole lot more of Memeboxes!

If you're interested on purchasing Memeboxes, you might want to click on the banner just right below this post.

Or, better yet, you may use the following coupon codes to save on purchasing Memeboxes!

$5.00 DISCOUNT  (on orders above $100) 
Coupon Code: AFFILIATE-1983-8F21V-JCZJ

Coupon Code: AFFILIATE-2750-BESN5-JDDZ

I hope you'll find something nice! :) I'll be posting my Memebox Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics unboxing real soon, so, watch out!

Love lots,


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