Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #64 - Green Food Cosmetics

I love my fruits and veggies, because for one, they deliver good results. Health and beauty benefits are in for the long run, if you just take your fruits and veggies seriously.

When Memebox released a box called Green Food Cosmetics, I was sure that I had to have one. After all, the description is more than enough to entice me to the great world of Green Foods:
Did you know that green fruits and veggie are packed with excellent sources of vitamins, sulfur, and chlorophyll - all potent skin and body detoxifiers - to give your most gorgeous and healthiest looking skin? The beauty benefits that we get from green foods is unimaginable. It adds luminosity to the skin, revives damaged skin tissues, and supports the skin's healing process for faster cell turnover. Don'y know about you, but now I'm regretting not eating that last broccoli off my dinner plate! Props to all you who already eat your super greens, but for the rest of us who lack in the healthy food consumption department, there's always our Super Greens Cosmetics Box! 
Seriously, I really have to agree with Memebox on the importance of the greens.

Without further ado, here's my unboxing for the Green Food Cosmetics box:

Here's the breakdown:

I have arranged the products according to my favorites.

Primary Raw Seoul Do You Original Soy Milk Facial Cream 100g - $40

Primary Raw Seoul, a natural cosmetics brand promoting use of 'primary' and 'raw' ingredients straight from nature, has launched its first Do You Cream (Do You means Soy Milk in Korean). Enriched with soy bean extracts, soy milk ferments, rice water, galactomyces, and other grain extracts, this Soy Milk Facial Cream is deeply hydrating, gentle in formula, and brightens up uneven, dull complexion for a clearer and healthier glow. 
This product made me smile, because it looks so... lavish! It comes with a tiny bag and a box. They even covered the lid with paper to make the product look more 'organic'. Some may think Primary Raw overdid it, but I love the extra effort. 

If there's anything like a 'best packaging award', I bet it would go to Primary Raw Seoul Do You Original Soy Milk Facial Cream 100g! 

Did I mention that they added a 'Korean' note to it, too? Sad to say, I can't read the text. 

I have one question though, how come a Soy Milk product is in this box? Did I miss anything? Or is Soy Milk a Green Food, for real?

Memebox, this is so puzzling, but I love the product though!

Solucion 9 Aztec Therapy Shampoo 250ml - $68

Solucion 9 is a scalp and hair specializing cosmetics brand using only natural herbal ingredients. This Aztec Therapy Shampoo gets its inspiration from the beauty secrets of Ancient Aztecs - known to have incorporated herbal and medicinal plant extracts in anti-hair loss treatments for their females. A blend of 9 natural herbs - espinosilla, jojoba oil, nettle, oritiguilla, aloe vera, rosemary, chamomiles, and citrus-works to alleviate scalp blemishes, soften and strengthen damaged hair, and deliver a refreshing aroma therapeutic effect.  
An Aztec Shampoo? Really?

I couldn't say much about this shampoo. To be frank, I didn't quite expect Memebox would include a shampoo in a Green Foods box. And, while this shampoo consists of herbs, I'm beginning to doubt the box's adherence to the Green Foods theme. Green, maybe. But Foods? I don't think so.

Nonetheless, I could use this and I'm happy that Memebox gave us a chance to try out an expensive shampoo.

WillSpa Touch Aroma Therapy Roll-On 12ml - $18

De-stress and refresh your spirits with WillSpa Touch's aroma therapeutic roll-on type essential oil. Each roll-ons are infused with a different blend of jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, rosemary leaf oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, etc.
 Here's another unexpected product, and it's not a green food cosmetic at all.

But I think this is worth keeping for somebody like me, who needs a quick therapeutic product to use during stressful days (and nights, too!)

Tosowoong Aloe Whitening Essence 60ml - $16

Brighten and firm up dull and sagging skin with this whitening facial essence enriched with over 75% pure aloe vera leaf water. It instantly soothes, cools, and deeply replenishes the sensitive, stimulated skin. This gentle formula can be used by all skin types and ages. 
Ugh. You know me. I kind of despise anything ALOE now. And aloe vera, for one, is NOT a green food.

It's green. TRUE, but have you ever heard of people who eat aloe vera? I, for one, haven't.

So, the answer's NO: This is NOT a green food cosmetic at all.

Derma:B Fresh Moisture Body Lotion 50ml - SAMPLE SIZE

A nourishing body lotion targeting dry and sensitive skin types. It's infused with tea tree, peppermint, bergamot, ginger, and amber notes in a refreshing herbal blend. Its gentle formula is non-sticky, fast-absorbing, and best kept refrigerated. 
I've seen the full size of this product in our local mall. So, I'm not so excited about it. And, it's not even a green food. I might just gift this to somebody else.


Personally, I think the curation for this box is a disaster. In fact, there's very little adherence to the Green Food theme. To be honest, I've been expecting a lot more, because I've seen a lot of Green Food cosmetics in local Kbeauty stores. I thought this concept was foolproof, but I guess, things happen the way we didn't imagine it.

Nonetheless, I'm happy I got the Do You cream, the shampoo and the aroma roll-on.

That's all for today!

Enjoy your holiday!


Newbee Marie


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