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Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #57: For Dry and Sensitive Skin

Chances are, you've probably suffered from dryness and flaking, and the redness and itching that comes with it at some point in your life. And, with the colder seasons ahead, it's crucial that you take the next step in your skin care to protect and soothe your skin! 

According to a recent survey, dry and sensitive skin reacts at least 56% of us, and the sad truth is, skin dehydration and sensitivity increases as we age. So, let us help you soothe and solve all your dry and sensitive skin needs with a few moist-full tweaks to your beauty routing. Fortify the skin’s moisture barrier this season and forever lock in moisture and hydration for a dewy and supple complexion for allday hydration!
Memebox, you are so damn right about it! This description is so accurate in my case. And, I know, I am not alone - a lot of us have dry and sensitive skin.

I purchased the Memebox For Dry and Sensitive Skin box with the hope of finding some excellent products to minimize the dryness of my skin.

So, here it is:

Let me give you a breakdown of the products. I have arranged them all according to my preferences:

The Yeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-one Serum 100ml - $20

The Yeon's Jeju Hallabong series boosts its organic formula made from the "Hallabong", which is a special type of orange cultivated only in the Jeju Island and best loved for bursting with vitamin C and super sweet and tasty juiciness. Infused with other Jeju-born organic ingredients such as kiwi, broccoli, and aloe vera, this Energy Mild All-In-One Serum works to replenish, soften and protect the skin.
This is not the first appearance of the Yeon's Jeju Hallabong in the Memebox webpage. If you've been following the releases for CutiePieMarzia boxes, I'm sure you've seen this.

Those CPM boxes weren't appealing to most Memeboxers, but I once considered purchasing a box just to get a hold of this product. But since the cost outweighs the benefits for that option, I just let it go, and I'm glad I did. Memebox eventually incorporated this to other boxes such as this one: for the dry and sensitive skin.

I have high hopes for products made from Jeju resources, but I haven't had the chance to try one. Thank you, Memebox, for this serum.

Zamian Trouble Skin Handmade Soap Ac'xxii 100g - $18

A handmade facial bar soap for troubled, sensitive skin types. The blend of tea tree oil, lavender oil, and manuka honey helps treat blemishes and bring back the skin's natural growth from within. The opaque part of the soap targets redness and irritated spots on the skin while the middle translucent part of the soap deeply moisturizes and soothes the easily dehydrated and sensitive skin.
Opening this Memebox was like heaven to me, because I caught a wonderful scent of infused herbs. Turns out, the scent was from THIS soap. This soap is basically for troubled skin, but as of now, I don't think I could use this just yet, because it's soooo fragrant. I could put this near my pillow to help me with my sleep. 

 Migabee Botanical Moisture Mist 150ml - $22

This is a botanical body mist formulated from natural herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, verbena, red ginseng, and camellia oil. Its gentle formula is fast-absorbing and works to rejuvenate and de-stress dry, tired skin.
To be honest, I wasn't really expecting a product for the body. And, I would have preferred a moisturizing lotion over a moisturizing mist. However, since this product is from Migabee and it is supposedly infused with herbs and other good stuff, I might try this one out soon. 

Pureplus + Lip Treatment 10g - $9

High concentrates of collagen delivers rich nourishment and a lasting suppleness to dry, chapped lips. It also contains various nutrients such as snail mucus extracts, shea butter, grape seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E for protecting lips from further dehydration and damage. 
All the ingredients listed sound like a perfect concoction for perfect lips. I'm definitely using this after I empty my lip balms.

Pedison Nutritive Infusion Cream 120ml - $29

A body cream carefully formulated for sensitive and dry skin, containing 0% preservatives, natural lipids, non-comodegenic ingredients, and 2-action hydration layer. This advanced combination of moisturizing agents penetrates deep into skin to deliver instant moisture resurge and restore comfort and suppleness. Its gentle, lightweight texture also leaves your skin feeling silky soft and well-nourished.
Another product for the body, and it has a weird name. Pedison? Seriously? It sounds like Edison having a pedicure! Just kidding.

But, I have no plans for this product yet, because I still have a bunch of lotions in my stash.

Anacis Triactive Dermatis Intensive Cream 20ml  - $12

This essential soothing cream suits even the most irritated and reactive complexions. Gentle enough for women in pregnancy, and even babies, this cream helps relieve dryness,  and maintains the skin's natural moisture balance, infused with 27 natural extracts - green tea, mandarin, walnut,  squalene and much more - this ultra gentle soothing cream contains effective comforting properties to especially benefit traumatized, allergy-prone, thin, aging, sun-sensitive, tight, and dehydrated skin types. A propriety blend of STRUCTURINE peptides in the formula works to strengthen the skin's cell walls, and it forms a protective veil over the skin to prevent damage from external stressors.
Okay, that was a long description. Like the others, I have no plans for this product just yet. My skin condition just DOESN'T need that much consideration.


I think this is an okay box, considering that all of the items included adhere to the theme. I wish there was an anti-trouble spot cream in this, too. 

Despite its adherence to the 'dry and sensitive' theme, I didn't find this an exciting box at all. The lotions' packaging was unappealing. They don't look 'fun' to use at all. They just simply look like your typical drugstore brands.  But, that was just meh. 

Also, I expected this box to contain a lot of facial products because most problems occur on the face and not on the body. This explains why I might just prefer to use my favorite lotions than the ones Memebox included. Lotions don't have much of a difference in my case. 

That's all! Please, let me know what you think about this by commenting below!

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