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Unboxing Post: Memebox Special #53 - Wine and Cheese Cosmetics

I remember very well the Memebox ban I imposed upon myself a few months back. This was to keep me from accumulating more and more 'unnecessary' beauty products. But, sad to say, I got suckered in, because of two spoilers that I swear I couldn't pass up. The Wine and Cheese Cosmetics Memebox was so tempting that I simply gave in. 
We love wine and we love cheese, but wine and cheese beauty products in a Wine and Cheese box? That's just a match made in heaven! Wine and cheese have gone hand in hand for centuries, but this is probably the first time you've seen a wine and cheese beauty box. Leave it to Memebox to cook up the weirdest, yummiest box that will amplify your beauty! Wine, famously know to be rich in antioxidants and essential minerals, speeds up the cell renewal process and simulates the blood circulation for the look of rejuvenated, brighter skin! Cheese, considered as an excellent source of Vitamin B for the skin, supports the look of supple, bouncy and glowing skin. 
 And for the spoilers?

They hinted us with this:

And this:
Irresistible, right?

I thought so, too. But, things got rather complicated.

RANT (You might want to skip this part)

This box, in my opinion could have been the best box for me, but sad to say, there were some issues that made it the most inconvenient box I ever had. 

First off, shipping for this box was moved thrice (correct me if I'm wrong on this), due to supplier issues. Apparently, the supplier could not meet the deadline, so Memebox had to reschedule its delivery. I think it took about a whole month to be finally delivered. 

Such a bummer. 

Did I mention that I bought this as a value set with Wonderful Treasure Finds? So, yeah, I did, and since the nice little Wine and Cheese box delayed the whole thing, my WTF box got tangled with it as well. 


When we thought Memebox brought everything under control (some of the Wine and Cheese boxes already shipped), we were wrong. 

There were an unfortunate lot, whose boxes got delayed again, because of another supplier issue. This time, the Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel, the second spoiler, became impossible for Memebox to get a hold of. So, another delay, and no Innisfree product. Sadly, I was one of those poor souls who had to be patient. By this time, I have known that some Memeboxers from other parts of the globe have received their Wine and Cheese boxes, regardless of their shipping preference. 

Heck, despite regular shipping subscription, they got theirs, while mine, which is for express wasn't even dispatched yet. They got an Innisfree product, too, which I find rather unfair. And why that soooo long shipping time? They could have just shipped the incomplete box anyway. 

Sadly, there's no way of telling how Memebox decided on who gets the full box, and who won't. I guess I'll just have to let it pass. 

Anyway, Memebox compensated me with 12 Memepoints to cover the out-of-stock Innisfree item. I'm not happy with what happened, but at least, I got something in return. 

But, for some reason, I can't blame Memebox. My head's telling me that it's mostly the supplier's fault - for committing to something that he doesn't even have (in this case, enough wine peeling items). Commitment is everything, even for a business such as this. 

And I do hope that this won't happen again. 


I finally got my boxes just this week. And here it is:

When I opened the box, I was surprised at the apology card and the free Meme Mask to compensate for the inconvenience. But then, without the Innisfree bottle, this box just feels empty. But nonetheless, I could see the Bounce Cheese Cream and the Ladykin Mangchee Lifting Mask. These are the stars of this box. 

I'm glad that this wasn't meant to be a 'crappy' box like the Hair and Spa 4. But if this was the Hair and Spa 4, I don't know. I might collapse from disappointment, maybe? 

Anyway, here's the breakdown. Then again, I have arranged them according to my preferences.

Enprani Dear By Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream 75ml - $35

Bouncify your skin with a full-sized Memebox cult classic Dear by Enprani's Dreams Come True bounce Cheese Cream! This innovative facial cream has a unique ooey-gooey, bouncy texture that comes from a high concentration of protein-rich whey. The fun melted mozzarella cheese texture will adhere to the skin perfectly, and hydrate and firm the skin for the plumpest, youngest cheeks ever! 
My Memeaddiction started when I heard about the raves for this cream.  Since then, I hoped Memebox would include this as a repeat. 

As soon as I got this, I tried this, and I love love love it to bits! It is so moisturizing and the texture is so thick and luxurious. I have so many moisturizing creams in my stash, but by far, this is my favorite. 

I'll use this on a longer period and get back to you on how this performs on my skin. 

LadyKin Mangchee Lifting Mask 50ml - $43

This Mangchee Lifting Cream moisturizes, restores, replenishes, and calms the skin. Mango, cheese, and shea butter extracts boosts and locks in moisture for a dewy and youthful result. It leaves skin with an instant silky, soft, and supple feel and energizes the skin, giving you a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. 
I haven't tried anything from Ladykin just yet, but I have a feeling that this product would be perfect for my skin. And this packaging is just sooo cute!

I know I can't pass up a mango-cheese combo for my skin!

Blanc Doux Pinot Noir UV Shield & Tone-Up Sensitive 40ml - $36

No more blemish-instigating, oily sunscreens! Specially formulated from a strong antioxidant -premium red wine 'Pinot Noir' - this mild, moisturizing sunblock not only provides moderate UVA and UVB protection but also replenishes and brightens up uneven skin tone and texture, for a glowing, supple complexion. 
As of now, I don't consider facial sunscreens as 'essentials', because most facial products nowadays have SPF+++ on them - BB creams, foundations, blushes, CC creams - you name it! But this product is not entirely useless at all, because I could layer this to give my BB cream and foundation stronger protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Remember, that the minimum SPF you should put on your face should be SPF30. Most foundies and BB creams out there are at the SPF 15 - SPF 20 range. Since this sunscreen was designed to work as a primer, too, I guess, this gives me a reason to use 'primer' regularly. 

LadyKin Mangchee Replenishing Hand Cream 60ml - $14

The anti-wrinkle functional hand cream containing cheese extracts, bacillus/ corchorus olitorius leaf ferment filtrate which Cleopatra used for her skincare and Adenosine which the anti-wrinkle functional ingredient absorbs deep into skin and  helps to strengthen the skin's innate power to protect itself, making the skin more vital and healthier. Mango extracts also makes skin clearer and more transparent and camellia sinensis leaf water rich in vitamin and polyphenol keeps easily dehydrated hands well-nourished, elastic and smooth.  
Obviously, this is another mango-cheese combo. I swear I wouldn't miss out on this. How I wish this would smell yummy!

I haven't opened it yet, because I'm still trying to empty my current hand cream.

Tonymoly I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care 21ml (2pcs) - $2

A micro-emulsion type essential mask enriched with red wine complex. It's fast-absorbing, effectively softens uneven skin texture, and maintains a healthy moisture/oil balance. Plus, it's free of paraben, talc, benzonphenon, tri-ethanolamide, and tar coloring.  
This is an improvement for Memebox, because they didn't just include one mask. It's two pore care masks, and from Tonymoly! Kudos to Memebox for that!

I have no plans on using these masks yet, because I still have lots and lots of them in my stash as of this writing, but I'm keeping these two to try in the near future.


This is an awesome box, despite the inconveniences and the absence of the beloved Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel. I love it so much!

Imagine how I would feel if this was the complete box and delivered on time? It would definitely be heaven for me!

I guess this sums up pretty much everything I have in mind.

See you soon!

Love lots,

Newbee Marie


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