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Review: Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Specialty Cleansing Device (Cleansing Brush)

According to most beauty reviews, Clarisonic works like a charm. However, its hefty pricetag prevents everyone from joining the Clarisonic bandwagon.

The original Clarisonic Mia is priced at $100. The Clarisonic Mia 2 is retailed at $149.

Now, are there other options?

Thankfully, lots of companies nowadays venture into competing with Clarisonic’s cleansing brushes. A quick search would give you a variety of cleansing devices to choose from. There's even a variety from known drugstore brands!

Before I ventured into using Clarisonic for my beauty regimen, I took my chances at Olay’s cleansing brush. It wasn’t as expensive as Clarisonic as it was only Php 1803 (approximately $39). I bought mine from Luxola, and if I remember correctly, I got it on sale – 30% off.

The Box

The Olay set I bought came with the following:
  • ·         Facial cleansing device  
  • ·         Brush head
  • ·         20ml Olay cleanser
  • ·         2 – AA batteries

I also got myself an extra brush for about Php 423 (approximately $10). I got a bit of luck because it was 30% off as well.

I bought it with the intention of ‘taking my cleansing routine into the next level’. After all, Olay promises to efficiently cleanse the facial skin 4x better than manual cleansing (see photos).

I initially thought that this could be an alternative to the costly Clarisonic, but I guess I was wrong. In my opinion, both devices are not even worth comparing because they are very different. The price difference aside, the Olay Advanced Cleansing Device:
·         has smaller brush diameter compared to Clarisonic; hence, cleansing with the Olay brush would take more strokes than the latter 
·         rotates 360 degrees when used as a cleansing device; the Clarisonic ‘pulsates’ and doesn’t even rotate at 360 degrees 
·         Olay uses AA batteries 
·         No timer. You decide when to stop ‘cleansing’ 
·         All of Olay’s brush bristles move during cleansing, Clarisonic’s don’t – at least not all of them. 
·         Olay’s bristles are for exfoliating the skin, and not for cleansing, in my opinion. The bristles are not gentle enough for cleansing. Clarisonic is for cleansing.

Let me repeat. Don’t even compare this cleansing device with a Clarisonic, because they are very different from each other. You can’t necessarily compare apples with oranges, can you?

Now that I’ve made the differences clear, let’s proceed to the actual review.

Build of the actual device

This Olay Cleansing brush is very sleek and easy to hold.

Despite its small size, it’s a rather ‘heavy’ device. The batteries contribute to its ‘heaviness’, but it’s not quite an issue at all. You can still hold it and do your cleansing.

On another note, I find the brushes really easy to replace. You’ll just have to twist and push the replacement brush, and you’re good to go.

without the brush


free batteries

battery compartment
One thing I hate about this cleansing device is the battery compartment. Aside from the fact that you’ll have to regularly replace batteries for this brush, the compartment is very difficult to open! It took me around five tries the first time around, and I almost broke the whole thing! It’s the same thing every time I try to open it. It’s always stuck!

Sadly, the battery compartment is the very reason why I bought myself a Clarisonic later on.

Cleansing Device

The brush feels soft and the bristles are fine – not until you turn the device on. Even at ‘normal’ speed, the bristles would sometimes go deep into the pores and hurt me in the process. I wish Olay would just rename this as an ‘exfoliating’ device, rather than a cleansing brush. It really works perfectly as an exfoliator, and should only be used once or twice a week. It might hurt, but using this is worth it.

close shot on the brush

Performance and Effectiveness

I’ve read in some blogs that cleansing devices could sometimes cause a breakout. I believe I did for a few days when I first used this as a cleanser. My face became sooo red, until I decided to use it sparingly in a week’s time. Instead of using it twice a day as recommended, I managed to cleanse with it twice a week at most. I believe this has significantly improved the condition of my skin.

Did I mention that it took lots of makeup with it, every after I cleanse? It’s great, and I believe it does what it promises – 4x better cleansing than with cleanser alone.


It’s a decent cleansing device because it’s very affordable and yet, a very effective tool in enhancing one’s facial skin features.

However, I only needed a cleansing brush, and not an exfoliating one. It might be good, but I believe I’m bound for something else.

As of this writing, my sister uses it on a regular basis, and she loves it so much! I gave it up because I realized a needed a Clarisonic. (I'll make a separate review on Clarisonic later on.. :) )

Should You Buy It?

·         You’re fine with using the device twice a week at most; 
·         You don’t have sensitive skin; 
·         You’re fine with ‘stiff’ brush bristles; 
·         You’re fine with 360 degrees rotation for the brush; 
·         You don’t mind spending regularly on AA batteries; 
·         You’re fine with a bad battery compartment; 
·         You want to improve your skin's condition; 
·         You’re fine with a device that is water resistant, and NOT waterproof

If you said yes to all of these, then maybe, you should give this cleansing device a try.

And, before I say 'bye bye', here's a snapshot of the Olay Cleanser that this Olya Cleansing Device came with. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, so apologies on that one. 


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