Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Missha Aloe Cleansing Foam (150ml)

This cleansing foam from Missha contains aloe, that helps in removing skin impurities caused by external factors. Its mild and gentle, and it's supposed to be perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Retails at $5 (approx. Php 230)

  • Affordable 
  • Refreshing on the skin
  • Excellent tube type packaging
  • Refreshing scent
  • Works well with cleansing brushes, such as Clarisonic and Olay
  • Gentle on skin (doesn't burn)
  • Consistent cream type formulation
  • A little goes a long way
  • No breakouts (probably prevents breakouts)

  • Doesn't moisturize but doesn't dry out skin either

  • Brick and mortar stores only available in Metro Manila


Cleansing formula is not runny, and you don't need a lot of product to cleanse your facial skin. Since the formula is very 'compact', it lathers so well on bare hands and glides smoothly on the skin. 

I love the scent, though it doesn't give a hint of aloe in it. It's a 'fresh' scent that doesn't overwhelm. I kind of appreciate it because scents heavily affect my mood, especially early in the morning. And with this kind of 'fresh' scent, I'm always very happy to sniff it right after I waking up! 


It's a very basic cleanser and I guess, it does nothing more than cleanse impurities and probably, moisturize. If you're looking for a cleanser that would deeply clean your skin for impurities, then maybe, this may not be for you. 

I love this cleanser very much because it effectively removes light makeup, and I usually wear light makeup. It couldn't do much on heavy makeup but it helps somehow. 

I don't think it moisturizes, to be honest, but unlike other cleansers, it doesn't dry out my skin and it doesn't sting, too. It is sooo mild. Indeed, it is most suitable for people with sensitive skin. 


I've been using this with my Clarisonic Mia, and it works perfectly! I noticed that it lathers so well on the skin, especially when I use a cleansing device. I have used it with a Clarisonic Mia, a Clarisonic Mia 2 and even an Olay Cleansing Device. I have used it using bare hands, too! Everything was perfect!

And by the way, here's another con for this product: the packaging doesn't contain English descriptions, etc., but I hope it doesn't matter to you. 

I have used this tube for over a month now, and obviously, I am going to toss its empty container soon. I am thinking of buying this again, because it truly does what it's supposed to do. 

Missha, as far as I know, is available only in NCR area. Too bad, because I really find this cleanser very affordable and good for everyday use. 

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