Friday, February 13, 2015

Unboxing Post: Memebox #1 Night Care (First Box of the Year 2015)

You must have heard about Memebox finally giving up on international orders. I live in the Philippines, so I can't help but feel upset on the decision. I would just have to give up on Memeboxing, too! Soon enough, ONLY Korea, China and US will get to enjoy their Memeboxes. 

Anyway, I received my last order from Memebox yesterday.

It's the Memebox #1 Night Care box, which is the first box for 2015. Funny how the first box for 2015 would be my last Memebox. 

New beginnings, eh?

Let's unbox!

First look, and I personally believe that it's loaded with goodies. I was pretty disappointed by the absence of the iconic Memebox curator card. But then again, this is my last ever Memebox, so I guess the missing curator card shouldn't matter much.

MYPU; Black Pearl & Gold Velvet Gel Eye Patch 1.1g X 60ea ($30)

When they announced that this would be included in the box, I was so happy. I've always wanted to try eye hydro gels, but they are sooooo expensive when bought in retail price. 60 pieces of eye gels sound like heaven to me. And this is just perfect! 

HEART FACE Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack 100ml - $14

What is a night care box without sleeping packs?

This adorable sleeping pack contains galactomyces and hyaluronic acid, which are very much in demand in the beauty industry. I couldn't tell much about these two ingredients, but I've seen great things from both galactomyces and hyaluronic acid. 

D’RAN Wonder Lifting Eye Cream 25g - $35

It's an eye cream! Yay! However, I couldn't really tell if it's any different from the eye creams I already have. I'm going to look into this. At 25g, it's one large eye cream though!

TOSOWOONG Natural Pure Snail Essence 60ml - $24

I think I received this in one of my Memeboxes before, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, anything with snail in it is very welcome! I love snail beauty products! 

SWITCH PATCH Elephant 3-Step! Black Head Nose Pack 7g - $3

This is an easy 3-step nose pack for opening up, unclogging, and tightening back your pores for treating excess blackheads on the nose. The step 1 is a cotton mask sheet enriched with witch hazel water, lemon balm extracts, and grapefruit extracts and works to melt and extract the excess blackhead and sebum. The step 2 is a peel-off type nose pack made from lemon extracts and aloe vera leaf water. Lastly, the step 3 bio-cellulose mask sheet stretches out 8cm and effectively soothes and firms back the enlarged pores with a gentle blend of lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus extract. (Memebox) 
This is good to have, but I don't think I NEED anything like it. It's fun to have, but it would have been great, really, if it was just another full-sized product. And, it sounds gimmicky, too. I guess if you're the adventurous type, you might like this!  

AVEC MOI Mask 4 Set 8g + 16g + 16g + 4.5g ($33)
  • Intensive Nail Pack 4.5g
  • Camellia Special Care Hand Mask 16g
  • Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack 8g 
  • Shea Butter Special Care Foot Mask 16g

Seriously, Memebox? $33 for 4 pieces of mask? I don't think you're giving us the real value here. Anyway, these masks are just novelty items. I don't really need them, but then again, they're fun to have! 


First off, the curator card is one of the main components of any beauty box. I think Memebox made a grave mistake on removing curator cards from the boxes. I think these cards add a little bit of 'value' to the box despite the cards costing close to nothing. Curator cards matter, Memebox. Please, bring them back!

I don't count a one-time use mask as a full-sized item. Hence, this box just amounts to 4 full-sized items. I can't believe it! 

First four items, in fairness, are awesome. But still, somehow this box lacks something special. I wonder what that could be? 

And Memebox, one last word. Really, I hate your decision on international shipping, but I guess you can't help it. I'll really miss you. 

Love lots,

Newbee Marie

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