Thursday, January 22, 2015

Haul Post: Memebox Secret Key Holiday Edition Value Set

For a while, Memebox Global postponed releasing new boxes sometime in November and December 2014. I felt like a kid deprived of gifts. I had VIP coupon codes and Memepoints, and nothing to spend them on! 

Memebox, you played with my heart!  

Anyhow, Memebox eventually released some boxes and some value sets. Admittedly, they weren't interesting. I would have loved the Value Set Promo, wherein you buy two boxes or more, your purchase automatically upgrades to Express Shipping without the extra cost. So, despite my longing for Memeboxes, I didn't order for November and December. The Value Set Promo is soooo dear to me, and it seems Memebox has no plans to offer it again.  

But, when I saw the Secret Key Holiday Edition Value Set on sale for about $30+, I gave in. It was basically a $0 purchase because I've had enough points to spend. If I remember correctly, Memebox claimed that the set's retail price was about $100+, but it's hard to believe. I checked everything from other websites, and the 'retail price' of the set actually comes close to the 'sale price'. Seriously, there's no reason to inflate, is there? But, Memebox did, anyway. 

Moving on... 

Here's my first ever Memeshop Haul, featuring the Secret Key Holiday Edition Value Set! 

Secret Key Snail Repairing Eye Cream 

Anything that's made of snail is sooooo welcome, and this is definitely my first time to use a snail product for the eyes. 

To be honest, I bought this value set mainly because of this particular eye cream. I hope it works! 

Secret Key Black Out Pore Minimizing Pack Pore Tightening Effect

I haven't tried black mask packs before, so I got excited when I figured that this would be included in the value set. This definitely reminds me of Memebox's Dirty Gal box. I'm not even sure if this was in that box.

The packaging is cute, but I expected it to be sturdier. Apparently, it's made of light plastic, which is a bit of a letdown. The scent is not so pleasant at all, and sadly, it smells like glue, but if it works on pores, I bet I won't mind the scent eventually.

Secret Key The Yellow Cream

Whitening. You know how I feel about whitening stuff, right? I'm not really a fan. But since this is a value set, and I was just aiming for the eye cream, so, why not? I got what I wanted anyway. This is just a 'bonus' item. 

It's amazing how the yellow specks blend in with the jelly. It's amusing and intriguing at the same time. I might just want to keep it after all. 

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

If only this baby was in 50ml, instead of 30ml, this would have been at the top of the list. It seems to contain good stuff, such as Galactomyces.

Secret Key Donkey Milk Berry Milk Hand Cream

Indeed, donkey milk is an essential beauty ingredient. Even a lowly hand cream has it! 

I haven't tried anything that's made of donkey milk just yet, but by using this hand cream, I bet it would be a good way to start. Berry and milk sounds like a good combination, too!

Secret Key Body & Dress Perfume Mist 

I have a whole cabinet full of fragrances as of the moment, so, I won't be using this. On second thought, I might just want to give it away. Obviously, I haven't tried it yet, and there's no way for me to tell if this smells great, or not. 


I kind of expect this value set to look and feel 'luxurious', but sadly, they don't look and feel any better to Purederm, which is more of a Korean drugstore brand. At $35, I think this set is not really a steal, or not even a deal at all. A quick search of the products from other Kbeauty suppliers would reveal their 'market value'. A quick computation of the 'market prices' would definitely give you a value of a $30 - $40 price range. 

So, Memebox, this is not worth $100+ at all. 

If there's any consolation to this purchase, it's the free shipping. So, maybe, it's a deal after all. 

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