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Review: Etude House Put Your Hands Up Deo Perfume Stick

My sincerest apologies; I know, I’ve been away for almost a month. I know it’s a cliché, but I was extremely busy in the past weeks. School was demanding, and work was even more demanding! There wasn’t much that I could do about it. Thankfully, I’m now free… Wait. For the meantime, though. Sigh..

Anyway, for today, let me review another Korean product. Still, from the Etude House, let me introduce the Etude House ‘Put Your Hands Up’ Stick Perfume Deodorant in 40g. I heard this was released by Etude, sometime in 2011, but too bad, I wasn’t updated by then.

Original Etude House ad

First time I saw this, I instantly fell in love. It was so darn cute! Whoever is behind this cute packaging, must be a genius!

You guessed it right. I bought it right away, but eventually, I realized it was too expensive for a deodorant. I mean, I couldn’t remember buying a deodorant that is more than 300 pesos at all. Is it my first? This baby is actually worth close to Php 400. Talk about expensive!

Anyway, like I always said, if it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Now, let’s get down to business.

Basically, the E.H. Perfume Stick Deo (as shown on its packaging) is a stick-type deodorant having dual caring effect to restrain sweat and its odor to keep freshness with citrus scent.  

Shows the batch code and the manufacturing date

First time I opened it, I was greeted by a warm citrusy scent, which I happen to love. However, the scent didn’t last long as soon as I applied it on my skin. Fast forward, 4 months after first use, and I could barely smell the citrusy scent on the product. I found it rather disappointing, but possibly a good thing for those who are extremely sensitive with scents.


One look, and you’ll know that it’s your typical stick perfume. However, try to put some product on ‘wet’ armpits, and you’ll find a rather peculiar chemical reaction. In my case, I was surprised to find the creamy substance beginning to turn to foam. Yes, another first time. This is the first deodorant that actually turned foamy as soon as it was applied to ‘wet’ armpits. What does this foam do?

Your typical perfume stick; Waxy texture but glides smoothly on skin

Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

Based on its description, it’s appears that the product serves a dual purpose. First, it could be an anti-perspirant and second, a deodorant. Sadly, as an antiperspirant, it doesn't do well. If you live in a hot and humid country like ours, you would be definitely disappointed to find your armpits foaming with the product. If you do, this means that it failed as an antiperspirant. Put it on wet armpits, and it would definitely turn to foam, nothing more. Good thing though, it doesn't stain clothes.

The deodorant when applied on to the skin: almost colorless, and doesn't leave a sticky feel

As a deodorant, it doesn't do much as well. Deodorants are supposed to mask the odor with pleasant scents, in this case, citrus. However, since the citrus scent doesn't last long at all, I’m afraid that anybody who suffer from excessive sweating might find this a problem as well.


I think I rate this product with a 3.00 out of 5.00. It’s cute and it’s definitely travel-friendly, but I don’t think it lived up to my expectations. At a price of almost Php 400, sadly, it is just your typical fancy deodorant. I think I’ll settle with my Dove deodorant after I use this all up.

Sorry, Etude… L

Have you used this deodorant before? Please let me know what you think!



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