Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK002

Before the year officially ends, here’s one last review that I wish to share to everyone. This time, it’s a lipstick from Etude House’s Sweet Recipe: Dear My Jelly Lips Talk, JPK002.

Stock photo from the Internet

Swatches as shown on ads. JPK002 is shown on the first row. 

*You may skip this part, if you like.

Like most of my cosmetics, I bought this particular lipstick on a whim. Sometime around June 2013, I was doing some window shopping with my bf, when we happened to pass by an Etude House shop. We both went in; I was searching for a new lipstick and I was really hoping to find one in Etude.

As expected of Etude House, everything was orderly, and the products are well-kept and well-displayed. Who would miss the products in cute packaging? Everything was like candy or cookies, or cake. Simply put, most of their products remind us of delicious pastries and candies: one of the many reasons why most girls fell in love with Etude House almost instantly.

Actual photo after so many months from the date of purchase

Anyway, I was shown to the lipstick section. The SA showed me around, and introduced me to the Sweet Recipe My Jelly Lips Line. I was skeptical at first, because it was pricey, around Php 470; I had my eyes on the cheaper ones, but the SA assured me that the Jelly Lips could last for more than 4 hours, especially the dark pink shade, JPK002. It was Etude’s newest lipstick during the time, too.

Because of the assurance of the SA and the impatience of my boyfriend (who happened to spot a gorgeous pair of running shoes on the other shop), I was left with very little choice but to buy it. And so, gone was my Php 470+ and hello, my new lipstick! Later that day, I realized that I didn’t even get the chance to swatch the Etude lipsticks prior to my purchase.

Talk about impulse buying!

The Product

The lipstick originally came in with a cute box, which by the way, featured varied images of jellybeans. I lost mine, so I had to grab a stock photo from the internet just to show you the box. Please see the first photo of this post. 

The lipstick is actually cute; pretty simple but so darn cute!

My Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK002 (Actual Photo)
The pink jelly lipstick is gorgeous too. When Etude says jelly, it looks like jelly indeed!

Swatches on my skin. Notice the glossiness!

Most of all, I fell in love with the fragrance that it came with. The lipstick somewhat smells like cherry bubblegum; so sweet, and so irresistible. No wonder I feel like putting it on whenever I can. If you’re not a fan of lipsticks, or lip glosses, this could possibly change your mind.


JPK002 is a dark pink shade, and it is very pigmented. When I was I kid, I used to play with red tinted lollipops and swipe them on my lips so that I would have cherry-colored lips. Surprisingly, the shade is close to the ‘lollipop lipstick’, and I couldn’t simply get enough of it. It’s also buildable and moisturizing.

JPK002 is indeed very pigmented!
The downside is that it could barely last for four hours. After all, its composition is closer to a lip gloss. Nonetheless, I don’t find this a problem at all, because I’d be more than happy to reapply this lipstick anytime. It smells so good and it feels so good on the lips.

I fell in love with the lipstick, no doubt, but the thing melted in my handbag a few weeks after my purchase. The whole thing was reduced to a third. It appears that it’s sensitive to heat. Given that I live in a hot and humid country, this may not be a very good idea to carry around.  Since then, I’ve been leaving this lipstick inside my refrigerator. If you’re residing in the Philippines, you may want to think about buying this, too. I’m still using this but I guess I’ll run out of it soon.

All that is left for me because this thing melted in my bag. :( 

It was significantly reduced to a third. 

My Verdict

I will give the Etude House Sweet Recipe My Jelly Lips Talk Lipstick JPK002 a 4.00 out of 5.00.

So far, this is the best lipstick I ever had, and unfortunately, this is the only lipstick that melted in my bag. I might not repurchase again, but I’ll keep looking for great lippies at Etude House.

Anyway, I hope you learned a lot. Please stick around for more reviews.

I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!



[DISCLAIMER] This is NOT a sponsored or paid advertisement. NEWBEE (the author of this blog) chose to buy the said product at her own expense. Please note that the reviews are not by any chance made by an expert on makeup and skincare; these reviews are all based on the author’s limited knowledge, thoughts, and opinions. 


  1. I got a couple of lipsticks from this line on my trip to Korea, and I was really surprised by how much I liked them! I thought the ones I got weren't very pigmented, but turns out they are color-changing lipsticks. I defs recommend you check it out if you liked this one, I was impressed haha.

    Happy New Year!!

    x Meg

    1. Hi Meg! Thanks for commenting! :) I'll definitely check them out!

  2. I have the same shade and like you, I love it to bits too. And mine also melted! :(

    1. Hi Helen! Gosh, I've been following your blog, and it's an honor to have you comment on mine. Hehe.

      Anyway, I'll try other lipsticks from Etude. Maybe there's a good lipstick that wouldn't melt here in the Philippines?