Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 2014 Belle de Jour Power Planner Planner: Bring It On - 2014!

2014 is fast approaching, and like the most of you, I have thought of so many ways that could possibly make my 2014 a lot more memorable. After all, life is so short; I wouldn't want to do things (or fail to do things) that would surely regret someday.

I know what I need:

New goals…
New resolutions…
New outlook in life…

And of course! I badly needed a new planner! 

Speaking of which, my new planner for 2014 came by mail last week, but I actually forgot about it for a while. Here it is:

Belle de Jour Power Planner for 2014
I know it might sound like I’m nuts, but I’m some sort of a schedule freak:

·         I document everything at least twice a day, including the exact time I came to the office;
·         I organize my ‘to do’ list for as early as 3 in the morning;
·         My day is incomplete without my planner;
·         I feel bad whenever there’s something in my list that I failed to do;
·         I sometimes write my schedule by the hour; and
·         I write and draw my ideas on my planner, too.

For 2013, I have had three planners: one for my work desk at the office, one for my schooling, and lastly, one for my work desk at home.

First page
I know what you’re thinking: I should have used just one planner for everything, but as clumsy as I am, I know I needed at least two. I tend to forget my planner at the workplace or at home, which could sometimes make me feel somewhat edgy. Plus, my work is very hectic, so every hour and minute really matters, so that’s one planner. I have school, and I have projects outside my day job as well, so I guess it’s pretty rational to have two.

Anyway, please take a good look at my newest planner:

Be reminded of your goals and dreams everytime you open this planner.

A checklist of things that you might want to consider doing. 



Coupon Tracker
BDJ Partners

A few of some of the dozens of coupons that come with the planner

I bought online it at Php 598 at Belle de Jour, including shipping. If you are interested and you are residing in the Philippines, please visit BDJ’swebsite. They have quite a variety of planners available for sale.

Despite BDJ being around for a while now, this is actually my first BDJ Planner. I have high hopes for this one, after all, I consider myself an achiever, too. I hope this planner best suits me and my lifestyle.

Ohh, by the way, don’t you think I’m lucky? A friend gave me a planner as well. So, in addition to the BDJ Planner, I have another one; so, that makes it two planners. Yay!

Well, I guess, that’s all for now. I wish you all the best for 2014.

Please stick around for more updates.



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