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Review: Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Japanese Cherry Blossom Glowing Body Scrub

I scrub my skin at least twice a week, because I’m pretty sure that nothing beats a squeaky clean body. Bath soaps may be good, but scrubbing (and exfoliating) would just do the extra work! Obviously, this habit of mine led me to different body scrub brands, including Bath and Body Works.

A couple of months ago, I raided my closet, and discovered a stash of Bath and Body Works products, including some body scrubs, almost forgotten. Well, sorry about that, but there’s nothing to worry about. It’s not going to expire. Yes, I checked before using.

I decided to road test the BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom Glowing Body Scrub. Fast forward six weeks or more, and the tube’s almost empty.

What can I say? I just love this baby and I want more!!!  

Apparently, this product retails at $16 (approx. Php 700). Bath and Body Works is a popular brand, but despite its popularity, it’s very difficult to come upon. Sadly, there are no Bath and Body Works Retail Stores in the Philippines, but there are a few people who sell them offline, even online. You just have to look for them.

A word of caution, though: not everything being sold online are genuine. So, make sure that the product you’re about to purchase is the real deal.

I guess, I’m just a bit lucky, having somebody residing in the US, send me stuff such as this. Thank you, dear relatives and friends.

Anyway, let’s get on to the details:

General Information:

According to the product description:

Our Signature Glowing Body Scrub helps skin feel soft, smooth and supremely sexy. Bamboo gently exfoliates and helps smooth skin, while Coconut Milk extract and Vitamin E nourish to leave skin looking beautiful.

Massage onto skin to create a creamy, cleansing lather, and rinse. Enjoy the fragrance of our exclusive, award-winning Japanese Cherry Blossom, a seductive and mysterious floral scent inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan.

Basically, the BBW Glowing Body Scrub promises to smoothen and soften skin. One of the unique features of this baby is the scent as well!


This is the old packaging. Sometime this year, BBW upgraded their packaging. I don’t have the new ones, but I bet the solution is just about the same.

This one utilizes a rather stout tube. It’s supposed to hold the scrub intact. But then… This very same tube made a mess on my folded clothes when I once brought it to travel. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t crushed. I suspect the lid doesn’t seal very well. Too bad…

The packaging is somewhat generic, but since it holds a scrub solution and there’s so much product in it, then it is not 100% foolproof. Take extra caution when bringing this during travels.


Honestly, I don't have any idea on what the Japanese Cherry Blossom really smells like, so I have nothing to compare this Japanese Cherry Blossom Body scrub scent with; but, I do know that it is a pretty good fragrance. 

The scent is not overwhelming. And the 'sweetness' is decent. Obviously, it's predominantly floral, but not the kind that would throw me off. I hope this helps.

I heard that this scent is one of Bath and Body Works' bestselling fragrances. 


A scrub would really mean something to me if it does its job well. 

A scrub should be able to scrub! 

And since this glowing body scrub is rich with exfoliants, this definitely does its job real well. It's not harsh on the skin, and its scent lingers for a while even after bathing. It doesn't dry out my skin, too!

I also like how it feels 'fresh' on the skin for a while. I simply love this! It's just a perfect little scrub!


Packaging - 4.00 out of 5.00
Scent  - 4.50 out of 5.00
Formulation - 5.00 out of 5.00

Overall - 4.50 out of 5.00 

    *smells great
    *doesn't dry out the skin
    * scrubs well
    * very easy to apply 
    * pleasant scent lingers for a while
    * leaves a fresh feeling

     *Pricey at $16
     * not available locally 
     * may leak during travels
     * may solidify if exposed to the air 


Yes, I definitely will! But I guess I should first give other variants a try.

That's all for today!

Thanks for reading!



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