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Review: Holika Holika Holy Berry Lip Tint # 3 - Orange Berry

It’s been two months, and I haven’t written anything for this blog. Believe me, I’ve been thinking of this blog the whole time I was in hiatus; my hands are itching to write something not related to my day job, and my schooling. Quite unfortunately, activities that are placed higher in my list of priorities got the better of me. You see, I have my day job, my master’s degree, my business (sometimes, I forget about this, too), and my ‘self-improvement’ routines.

Bottom line: So many things to do, so little time.

I guess I’m not alone when it comes to this kind of dilemma. Anyway, it’s not at all bad news.

Good news: I accumulated so many beauty products in the past few months.

And yes, I’m dying to review all of them.  They are piling up, and it would be a waste not to share my first-hand experience with them. So please, stick with me.

Today, I’ll be reviewing about a lip tint from another Korean brand, Holika Holika.

Meet Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint # 3 – Orange Berry


Holika Holika Holy Berry Lip Tint # 3 Orange Berry


1)      This is my first Holika Holika product.
2)       This is my first ever lip tint.

I bet it says Shade # 3 Orange Berry. Sorry, I couldn't read Korean. 

According to,

Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint is a water based tint that leaves your lips with a refreshed feeling. It won’t only moisturize your lips but it also creates a softening effect, by using patented Micro Nutrients Berry Blend. Water-soluble pigment creates more vivid color, which makes it great to use before lipsticks or glosses for longer lasting and added color.

A very soft lip applicator
For more information on the product, you may read the full description here.

Surely, the description says a lot of good things about the Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint. In summary, it is supposed to be:

·         Refreshing
·         Moisturizing
·         Softening
·         Pigmented
·         Long lasting

Sounds good or sounds too good to be true? Let’s see, then.


This is how I opened the tube. I ripped the stickers, because I was too excited to try it out. 

At first glance, you might find it cute; it is very Iight and handy, and the color really stands out, surely reminds me of fresh strawberry juice.  However, a few days after using it, I broke it somehow. Maybe, I mistakenly pulled the cap the wrong way, which is why it separated from the rest of the wand. Hence, all that I can show you are the ‘ugly’ packaging photos.  I feel bad, because the packaging should have been designed not to break easily. Nonetheless, this little flaw didn’t prevent me from using this on a daily basis, and I simply can’t throw it out yet.

I damaged the cap, and yes, it's messy all over. 

I admit; I’ve had my worries because the tint might spill out in my bag. I’ve had bad experiences on liquid and cream cosmetics spillage, but for this particular tint, I tucked it in my bag anyway. I know, it has a broken cap, and should have kept it in a safer place, but I’m glad because I never had any problems with it.

No spills thanks to the extra material right at the opening of the tube! Yey! 

The tube in a closer view

Lastly, although this product looks pretty straightforward in what it does (duh, it’s obviously a lip tint), I would have preferred its texts to have English translations on it. Aside from its name, its packaging is purely in Korean. For all I know, Holika Holika has been in the international scenario for quite some time now, so maybe, they should just improvise their labels?


Don’t get fooled by the packaging. At one look, it may look like a deep shade of red. However, this is not red, nor pink – this is orangey, as stated... 

Orangey, orangey, orangey... 

After using this on a daily basis for over a month, I realized that this may not be your typical lip tint.
1)                  It’s pigmented, but not overwhelming when applied on lips; one swipe, and that’s all you need. This alone leaves me an impression that one little tube could last me for months.
2)                  Its color easily spreads. I think the formulation is excellent, compared to brands I’ve tried before (e.g. Benetint, Ellana Minerals);
3)                  Looks natural when applied - perfect for lazy days when you don’t feel like applying (and reapplying) lip products from time to time.
4)                  Stays on for hours - six hours, maybe?
5)                  Colors stays on your lips even after drinking and/or eating.
6)            Goes well with any other lip product on top of it.

Swatched it on my Corona Notebook - it shows a pretty orange shade. 

Let’s not forget that Holika Holika claims this particular lip tint as: 1) refreshing, 2) moisturizing, and 3) softening.

Sadly, I couldn’t attest that it is indeed softening, nor refreshing when applied. There’s a slight pleasant sensation when you apply this tint on your lips, but it’s hardly noticeable, and I don’t think refreshing is the right word for that.

Also, there’s a very good reason why I try to refrain from using lip tints – most of them don’t moisturize at all. Most of them leave lips dry with color, which could be an ugly sight, especially if you have lips like mine. I hate it when my lips dry up and show visible cracks all over.  Vivid lip color, for the most part, just makes it worse.

Obviously, Holika Holika did exert its efforts to put an end to this dilemma, but its moisturizing effect is not quite perfect yet. I’ve had the same problem on dry and cracked lips, but I do appreciate the difference it has made. I guess it’s way ahead than Benetint and Ellana Minerals.


It’s a 4.70/5.00 since it’s very promising. I love its long staying power, and the natural look it creates on your lips.


Yes! This product is awesome. Like most of you, I have so many lazy days to deal with, and I find this lip tint very handy. The moisturizing effect needs a little more work, but you could deal with it by applying a lip gloss on top it. It should go well.

Well, I guess this is all for now. If you have tried this lip tint before, or you have some suggestions, please let me know.

Love lots,


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