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Haul Post: Eyes Lips Face ELF 2015 and Reviews

December is the best time of the year, for a shopaholic like me! You know why?

A lot of stuff are on SALE! Marked down! Discounted! Freebies! 

And the list is endless!

Last December 2014, I splurged on some items that can only be bought in the US, including ELF! I got a chance to 'shop' because I have some relatives in the US, who have been very, very supportive with my addiction. I asked them to shop some stuff for me, and they sent the stuff out through a Balikbayan box.

Thank you! Thank you! 

The good thing is ... I got them all at a fraction of a price! STEAL!

It took a couple of months for the box to arrive. In fact, I got this sometime in March, but never had the chance to write about it until now. 


In case you're not aware, ELF in ELF Cosmetics stands for 'Eyes, Lips, and Face'. ELF is a drugstore brand - but nonetheless a very popular choice among beauty gurus and even budget beautyholics! 

Watsons and other stores carry ELF Cosmetics. Sad to say, though, the only line the local stores carry is the ELF Essential Line. Most of the raved products come from the ELF Studio Line and Mineral Line.  

Just a reminder though, I'm not posting this to brag about the things I bought. I simply think that posting something like this could help you in your 'beauty' decisions sometime in the future. 

Now, let's get on to business.

ELF Studio 2-in-1 Sponge (Pack of 3) 

If you're like me who's into BB Cream/CC Cream/Liquid foundation application, you might find this sponge a useful addition to your makeup tools kit. It features 2 different textures - one side is designed to act like your typical makeup sponge (think Marionnaud sponges), while the other side is a 'fuzzy sponge', to act as a powder puff.

I find both sides very useful. The sponge makes it easier to blend creams and liquid foundation, while the fluffier side makes it easy for me to set powder foundation.

I absolutely love these sponges, so I'm looking forward to buying more of these in my next ELF Haul.

ELF Essentials Powder Puffs

I'll have to be honest, the moment I got my hands on these things, I felt instant buyer's remorse. However, sad to say, there's no turning back.

First off, these are supposed to be powder puffs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but powder puffs are supposed to be soft, aren't they?

And they're not supposed to feel like cheap cut-outs from 'labakaras' or towelettes, right?

These 'puffs' look and feel cheap, and most of all, I don't think they could help with powders at all.

Sorry ELF. I have no use for these, really.

ELF Blending Wedges 

I bought these because I love blending out BB Creams using sponges. I haven't tried these yet, but I think they'll work out just fine.

ELF Studio 11-Piece Brush Collection

What is makeup without makeup brushes?

When I first tried ELF brushes (sometime in 2008), I was extremely amazed by how they felt on the skin, despite being so affordable. Back then, I was clinging on to my ELF Mineral Kabuki brush, which is now, by the way, phased out.

But, no worries!

Based on the quality of these brushes, I think they have significantly improved the quality of their brushes! And to think, I was already very happy with the one that I got.

This ELF Studio 11-Piece Brush Collection contains an (1) Eyeshadow "C" Brush, (2) Complexion Brush, (3) Small Angled Brush, (4) Small Smudge Brush, (5) Fan Brush, (6) Powder Brush, (7) Angled Foundation Brush, (8) Concealer Brush, (9) Small Precision Brush, (10) Blush Brush, and a (11) Contouring Brush. All of the brushes comes with a sleek, water-resistant case.

ELF Mineral Waterproof Shadow Liner (Brown) 

The ELF Mineral Water Proof Shadow in Brown

The ELF Mineral Water Proof Shadow in Brown (Smudged) 

I forgot why I bought this particular eyeliner, but to my surprise, it's not bad after all!

Its texture is similar to that of a crayon, but if you could take a close look at the photo, you'll notice that it has a gel-like substance to it. I think they added the gel, to make the product easy to blend, should you decide to use the color as an eyeshadow and not as an eyeliner.

ELF Studio High Definition Powder 

This product from ELF is a popular item among beauty bloggers and/or vloggers. I heard a lot of raves from this HD Powder. According to most raves, this is perfect for creating a flawless coverage.

Sure enough, this is something that I couldn't miss! I hope this works!

ELF Studio Baked Blush (Peachy Cheeky, Pinkstatic, Passion Pink, Rich Rose) 

If there's only one thing that you could try from ELF, it should be one of their blushes! - at least that's what I heard from 'online beauty influencers'. I use blushes regularly, so a few affordable blushes shouldn't hurt.

Plus, they look gorgeous! I wonder which one I'd try first! 

ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream 

I have been eyeing this duo since it came out, and finally, I now have it in my own hands! Haha! 

I haven't tried this one out, but I'll let you know how this will work out for me. 

ELF Pressed Mineral Blush 

These blushes look simple as compared to the ones I mentioned earlier. They look similar to the blushes from the Essential Line. I think the only difference (visually) is the extra shimmer these Mineral blushes have.

Nonetheless, they're fun to have.

ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit

If you're an 'eyebrow' person, you'd most likely be drawn towards this eyebrow kit. It comes with a sleek casing, with a convenient mirror attached, too. 

The darker shade you see is a gel, while the other one is in powder form. 

This reminds me of the Avon Eyebrow Kit, but I think this one's much more affordable. 

ELF Studio Prism Eyeshadow

These palettes are a dream come true. Everyone was raving about how great these palettes are!

They are creamy;
They are so pigmented;
They are easy to blend;
And, they're so gorgeous!

I know buying two of these palettes may sound too much, but I'm a having a bit of regret for not buying the rest of it! I think ELF released four variants of this palette, and I only got two!

ELF Eyebrow Stencil Kit and Retractable Lip Brush

I bought the stencil kit to help make eyebrow styling a bit less of a chore. However, I must say, that I'm a bit disappointed with it. I thought the stencils would be made of a hard and stiff material, only to find out later on that it's not. I find the stencil pretty useless for styling, so I had to throw them away. I have no idea how to use them, really. 

The retractable lip brush is okay, but it's not special - just your typical retractable lip brush. 

ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

A good palette wouldn't show its full potential without the help of the good old eyeshadow primer. This is my first time to get my hands on ELF's Mineral Eyeshadow Primer.

I haven't had the chance to try it out, though.


ELF is a wonderful brand. They've been around for awhile now, but I noticed that they've been making the effort to constantly improve the quality of their products. Sure, there are things that I happen to 'hate' from ELF, but there are even more things that I love! Why would I go the extra mile to buy ELF Cosmetics if it wasn't for my loyalty?

I love ELF, and I'm looking forward to trying out more products from them!


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